Sunday , June 26 2022

Firefighters save water horses at Arcos de Valdeuves: "Firefighter's life is not easy"


Arcos de Valdevez has approved the budget for 2019 for approximately € 28 million, and is a million more than 2018. Lusita's mayor has informed Lula today.

According to João Manuel Estev, who spoke with Lula, most PSDs (six elements) approved the plan "funded from community funds" and said that the document "allows people, families and businesses to invest".

The work and budget plan of the Arcos de Valdevès, estimated at 27876300 euros, were approved on Friday by the work of Dora Branda, the only member of the executive branch of the opposition.

According to Joao Manuel Estev, "the human resources competence will be the highest rate of the executive body of the municipality in 2019, will strengthen the School of Social Activities, grant scholarships and restore school equipment."

The Social Democratic Minister said in this document that "providing the best solutions for young people to buy, rent or rent land at a reasonable price."

In order to support families, the mayor said that it is planned to "reduce public spaces or tax and municipal taxes by improving the quality of services such as water supply and basic sanitation."

Joao Manuel Estéus also noted "a strong commitment to expanding business parks and promoting tourism in the county."

"Arcos de Valdevez's development strategy coincides with the European Union and Portugal in 2020. We want an innovative, more sustainable, closer, more inclusive and related municipality, "he said.

As reported by Lusa, the PS City Adviser, Dora Branca, "once again has a socioeconomic public executive body, with a list of revenues and expenditures, without prompt and incomplete submission of political and political leadership."

According to the woman, the document was delivered "by e-mail, at the end of the day", "the legal minimum period was 48 hours" on the day preceding the debate.

Dora Brenao's presentation of the document "is not strict because it considers urban taxes, namely the values ​​for IMI and IMT, have not been discussed yet."

He also said that "the protocols are equal to 30 thousand euros", which is supposed to be "for all parliaments, irrespective of the nature of the territories, the population and the behavior of each one".

"This impact should be based on population criteria, as Arcos de Valdevez is one of the municipalities of the Viana do Castelo district, which has lost a lot of people in recent years," he said, "the document did not increase the support for families."

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