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Gisela Joo Concert at Bilbao – Culture Exhibition Joan Vasconcelos


Enrique Junko and Petra Joos are the directors of the "My Mirror", which will be held at the Sarrvald Museum of Contemporary Art, which will be held in the first months of 2019, as will be announced in the days, as Sarawalves told Lucía.

The international tour has been prepared by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, jointly with the artist and various famous institutions, and at Serralves in the beginning of 2019 and Kunsthal Rotterdam in the Netherlands at the presentation on Basque Museum's website on June 29, next year.

According to the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Joan Vasconcelos' personal exhibition lasted more than 640,000 visitors since last week's opening.

"My Mirrors", presented as the first personal exhibition of the Portuguese artist at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, contains more than thirty Joanna Vasconcelos, 14 of which have never been published.

Among the new discs, there were 231 two-tiered glass 2.5 tonnes spicy veneer masks and 112 car tires and the only three-ton ring made of 1324 glasses.

From the series "Valmiria", which is placed in the museum's basket, there is a "special field" for the purpose of Bilbao, 30 meters high, 36 wide and 45 inches.

Joanna Vasconcelos also features "Belgium", "Marilyn", thin pots of pots and "Pop Gallo", "Palma Galo", Barcelona, ​​tiles and LED lamps.

When Joao Vasconcelos was inaugurated at the opening of the exhibition in June, he told Luces that his career at Guggenheim, Bilbao, was "a very important moment". At the same time, the artist said that roaming was also available in "Serfors", "Porto" and "Rotterdam".

On Saturday, Jornal de Notícias announced that the exhibition will be held at Serralves from 14-14 February to 24 June 2019.

As Serrallus tells Lusa, the exhibition calendar and its compositions should be known by the next year's museum program, which will be announced in the first weeks of 2019.

Apart from Bilbao, Joanna Vasconcelos has held a personal exhibition entitled "I want to free" at the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art in Strasbourg, France.

Gisela Joa's concert was held tonight in the lobby of the museum and was sold for several days.

The Museum of Guggenheim Bilbao, in the afternoon, led to a partial essay with participation of Joan Vasconcelos.

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