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In the first leg of Tao-Libertadores final to the "zero" of the Boca and River rivers – International Football – Sports


In the first round of 100% of the Argentinean competition, Boca, attracted nearly 50,000 supporters, Boca was 34 minutes ahead of the second half of the Abrila, but the advantage was less than 36, with Lucas Pratto restored equality.

On the 27th minute, Christian Paolo replaced Dariot Benedetto, replaced the front in the front, and the happy river at the age of 61 returned to the superclass Carlos Izquierdoz.

By the end of the day, foreigners were almost always in the ball but 90 minutes later, only Boka, Carlos Tevez was blocked by Benedict when he was 73 years old, but could not defeat Armani, who was "zero".

Following this result and event, taking into account the double devaluation in the final, the Núñez monument, the river's home, will begin with zero on November 24th.

In the first minute, Boca won two corners, but the river is well frightened and fears the first, with the direct shot from Pity Martínez and Martin Guadra and Santos at the start of the fight against Borri and the other for Russia.

The home was unsafe, and in 27 minutes the scenario worsened, and Benonetto was allowed to go, but Ábila, 34, scored from the left after the first blow. Armani has no right.

The advantage of the boock at 36 minutes did not last as long as the next, and attacked right from Lukas Prato, who shot in the right. Is isolated from the attack of Rhodes. Peter Martinez.

In the 40th minute, Rossi & # 39; s Pity Martínez scored in the Santos Borre at the 41st position, but stood on the pitch for an attack.

There was no impact on the river, and now, at discounted rates, Didier Benedetto was Boca to get the second to look at the villa's free will and to get valuable deviations.

In the absence of an inconvenient situation, the outsiders sent the second half to Boca, but they scored the second goal and dropped the 61st minute into the goalkeeper's goalkeeper's head after Del Pierre Martinez's release.

The new Tevez was "closed" when he escaped from the left and blocked Benedetto, who was unable to beat the goalkeeper on the "surface" of Armani, and restored emotion only in 90 minutes. located on the banks of the river.

La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires.

Boca Juniors – River Plate, 2-2.

In a break: 2-1.

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1-0, Ramón Ábila, 34 minutes.

1-1, Lucas Prato, 36 years old.

2-1, Daro Benedetto, 45 + 1.

2-2, Carlos Iscyradosis, 61 years old.


– Boca Juniors: Augustine Rossi, Leonardo Jara (Julio Bafatini, 83), Carlos Iscirodosis, Lizandro Magdalen, Lucas Elazo, Wilber Barrios, Pablo Pérez, Nacional Nands, Sebastian Viller (Carlos Tevez, 73), Christian Pañon (Daro Benedetto, 27 ) and Ramon Ábila.

(Carlos Lamp, Paolo Holz, Julio Bufferi, Fernando Gaga, Mauro Zarath, Carlos Tevez and Dario Benedetto).

Coach: Guillermo Barros Sheloto.

Jonathan Maydana, François Armani, Jonathan Maidana, Martinez Capta (Ignacio Fernández, 58), Javier Pinolo, Gonzalo Montiel, Milton Casco, Enzo Pierce (Bruno Zuckini, 75), Exequiel Palacios, Pity Martínez (Juan Quintero, 77), Lucas Pratto and Santos Bourke.

(Alternative: Germán Lux, Camilo Mayada, Bruno Zuculini, Ignacio Fernández, Juan Quintero, Julián Álvarez and Rodrigo Mora).

Coach: Marcelo Gallardo (out of summer).

Referee: Roberto Tobar (Chile).

Disciplinary action: Leonardo Hara (37), Sebastian Villa (43), Ramon Ábila (48), Milton Casco (67), Santos Bourja (76) and Carlos Tevez (90 + 5).

Help: About 49 thousand spectators.

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