Thursday , August 18 2022

In the public ministry, the investigation into the fraudulent meeting of Jose Silvano has started in Parliament – Politics


In response to the Lusa agency, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Latvia, Lucia Gago, said, "The General Prosecutor's Office is investigating the DAPA (Criminal Investigations and Investigation Department) investigation."

On November 7, the PGR found that Jose Silvano analyzed his decision to "start any action."

The case of Jose Silvano's fraudulent participation in the parliamentary façade is a weekly Expresso weekend. The Expression was not condemned in October during the 13th Plenary Session of the Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic of Jose Silvano, but the Secretary General of the Secretariat of the PCD was not present at all.

In the afternoon of October 18, she filed false information as it was mentioned at the beginning of the week, in the afternoon of Vila Real district, accompanied by party leader Rui Rioma, at 3:30 pm.

Nevertheless, any person was registered at the beginning of the Plenary Session of the Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party just minutes after 15:00.

After discussing this case, PSD MP Emilia Tserkira announced on November 9 that she was "casual" by the author of a counterfeit registration for her colleague in a computerized system of parliamentary plenary sessions.

At the press conference, members of the Viana do Castelo team will be assigned Silvano and other members' personal passwords, and vice versa, in their respective documents and working files for computers.

"I have a" secret "of my close colleagues who are part of the life of many organizations, like me," he said when registering him from Silvano on October 18 and 24.

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