Wednesday , December 8 2021

Kiabi opened the third store in Portugal


17 French fashion brands, which are sold in 17 family and have more than 500 shops in 17 countries, have opened their third official store in Kiabi, Portugal, at Dolce Vita Tejo. It offers a multinational, six-year savings and more than 100 news stories that celebrate its 40th anniversary with its 56 stylists, promising a wonderful and multi-channel shopping experience in the new space.

The store has items for all segments of men, women, children, infants, moms, accessories and underwear, but the brand has a network adapted to children with special needs, as well as a wide range of exclusive products.

In a new space, consumers can customize the shopping experience in a shop so they can access the portfolio of products available in the store, know what criteria they have, and use the digital kiosks that can be ordered directly. eg collected (collected and assembled) in the store. You can also make online reservations, so you can check the product before making a payment.

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