Saturday , June 19 2021

Knowledge and understanding of diabetes – Observer

On November 14, the World Diabetes Federation (IDF) annually hosts the World Association of People with Diabetes and Diabetes to inform the worldwide community.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease with more than 500 million people worldwide. There are over one million people in Portugal and more than 500,000 people who do not know their condition.

In 2018, scientific organizations, such as IDF and patient associations, seek to be sensitive to the Portuguese exponential problem, which is a chronic illness called "Family and Diabetes.

In the country diabetes and health professionals, doctors, nurses, dietians, psychologists participate in many initiatives that increase awareness of the "real world" for diabetes and daily living.

Participation in families of people with diabetes is a "family" obligation, that is, all the restrictions and challenges living and living, as well as diabetes, their daily advances and their joy and sorrow.

Portuguese people's understanding of the "state of the disease" is essential for change in everyday life, so the basis for the study of diabetes in Portuguese Society of Internal Diseases is to conduct a healthy, and especially World Diabetes Day, experiments on modernization of sugar and sugar production.

It is best to have everyday diabetes and daily life of a person with diabetes and his family experience.

Diabetes mellitus is not always easy, but it is difficult to learn how to control yourself or take several complicated medications from insulin to various medicines by participating in therapy.

There is no daily change in diabetes mellitus, and that is informal – above all – to improve the health of the population as a whole.

It is not enough to just wait for the medical staff to participate, so we have to attract all of us.

Science and medicine are increasing the level of education around the world, but of course, good and well-knowing is not enough, and the opening of new drugs and controls is insufficient.

as well as the role of institutions for diabetes research, the Portuguese Society of Internal Diseases and its Diabetes Mobility, take part in many events on awareness-raising campaigns, facilitate the consultation conducted by the hospital and throughout the country.

Being sensitive is our job – all professionals, but mostly people with diabetes and their families.

The organization of the national program on diabetes mellitus is stagnant, and we all are "warned": today's prevention – no problem tomorrow.

Whether you consider Portugal as a "diabetic day" or experience a "sugar-free or non-sugar-free day", it helps to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in the future.

Continuous learning of all Portuguese language teaching and learning activities will help improve health and improve national health.

Coordinator of the NEDM-Nucleus Diabetes Study Association of the Portuguese Association of Internal Diseases

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