Wednesday , October 5 2022

Make sure you duel with Portugal – Last Minute


Luís Magalhães – Writing

Portugal and Italy are equated with another group in Milan on Saturday. The League of Nations League and Lorenzo Inigne have confidence in their selection. "It is difficult, but impossible, to reach the first place in the group," he said at a press conference. "We were able to put Portugal in trouble with Ukraine and Poland, and we have to give a big response to our fans. If they win the national team, Italians win seven points and exceed Fernando Santos (now six points). However, they will have to wait for an invitation to Portugal to celebrate their final four rounds, which will be held on Tuesday at 19.45 in Guatemala. Ephonso has planned for Enrice.

The Italian team returns San Siro one year after the biggest disappointment of Italian football. On November 13, 2017, Italy and Sweden played the second round of the play-offs for Russia's World Cup. The match ended with a kick, but the Swedes won 1-0 in the home, indicating that they were parted from the Azzurri team. The end of Naples does not forget this match, but at the time he did not use Italian coach Jan Pere Ventura. "It was a terrible episode, a terrible night, but I did not regret it on Saturday [jornalista] It was a lie on our way because we did not qualify, "he said.

The 27-year-old guy has been forced to estimate his income this year. "This is my best season, and I never feel like that," he said. He has scored 10 goals in 15 games – seven in eleven league games and seven in all four Champions League matches – but insigne Cristiano Ronaldo's Serie A team is hard to overcome. "Juventus is the most complete composition in Europe, but we will try to reach the end," he said praising the trainer. "Ancelotti has given us a great idea, and we see him in the Champions. We predicted Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain would be a dominant group, but the truth is that we're a full competitor. "

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