Monday , August 15 2022

Manuel Luis Goucha explains the choice of Christine Tserkira Gomez to replace Christine Ferreira


Manuel Luis Gouchcha On November 6, the Jornal das 8 channel talked about the new challenges of Você na TV, Maria Tserkira Gomes already in January.

According to the presentation, the choice is not easy and should be a new page. Many people questioned why they did not Leonor Poeiras, Guch was worthy of praise, but he did not fulfill this factor of surprise as to who would expect the release of Kvluz de Baicho.

Maria Tserkira Gomez has become a version "Because it's a new page because it's been two months back,begins by telling the speaker. She says Gocha zoom In one day, many other people, including TVI, have found morning news on the Porto channel. "It's been 12 years since he was born directly at Porto Canal, grew up on the Porto Canal and lived up to now, very interesting, not very important, truthful, joyful, elegant.

Meanwhile, Mary Cerkirra Gomez and Manuel Luis Goucha were invited to express their emotions, and then there was no doubt.

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