Sunday , May 29 2022

Mayor of San Martinino: chestnut at Lx Factory in Lisbon, Alentejo's wine and music


Already on the day of Martin you can go to the cellar and enjoy the wine. In this case, dear reader and even do not have to go to the wine area, because on Sunday, on the 11th day, the mayor of the city of Agape in the Campo Mayor will go to Lisbon. For LX Factory, wine factory he does not have all the nectar that he produces, but he prepares the desert there Roasted chestnuts come with their wines and good music.

And most importantly, this is the basis of the initiative. A The benefit of ACA – Associação Conversa Amiga, born the will of a university student facing a social problem: except for loneliness and homelessness. Buy only 5 euros of nuts and a glass of wine cartridge for assistance. In a 19-hour tomb, There are concerts by Frank Chavez, Benjamin and Farra Fonfarra.

Mayor of San Martino > 11 Nov, Sun 15h-19h> € 5 (Chestnut Cartridge + 1 glass of wine)

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