Saturday , June 25 2022

Mean Marcle, Kate Middleton, and Harry and the Prince of Wales will take part in the London event. Pictures


The Royal family gathered on Sunday in the Westminster Abbey in London. This event marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Maran Markel chose a dark green shirt for this birthday, when she first wore a pregnant baby from Harry to Prince Harry. Without the body, it was visible under the cleavage of the abdomen. Kate Middleton and her husband William were wearing the same color, and only in the open tone, with the brush and the cuffs on the dark. Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bouls attended the solemn ceremony.

Husbands choose the heir's name

There are months before Harry and Megan's first child came in, but Sussex's Deskation says he's thinking of a baby boy who is not prince or princess. "Each of us has a long list of names, and we will sit with them," said the former actress. But if the name was not yet determined, Prince Harry wanted to know the first child's sex. And he has already found out that there are many people. Sydney, during a visit to Australia, said, "I hope this is a girl!" "I too," says Charles and Diana, a small son.

Kate is responsible for the baby

According to Life & Style magazine, Kate Middleton commands Megan Marcle to organize a baby bath. The pupil, according to the publication, said that Kate would like to have a "really unforgettable day" event for future fathers. For this reason, he started planning the Dusseldorf holiday in Cambridge a month ago. Also, a non-royalty-confirmed infant is believed to be taking place in rural areas of the British royal family.

Megan's birth hate royalty

When Megan Marc is pregnant for the first time, she is planning to have a baby born. To form a natural way of life, the former actress is self-guided as a means of controlling hypnotic porosity and pain. However, according to the Radar Online, hypnosis solutions were not favored by British royalty. According to the source, royalty people worry about Harry's wife's health. "If something went wrong [no parto], they want to surround Megan with the best doctors, and the idea of ​​hypnosis is not related to it, "he explained.

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