Saturday , January 28 2023

Nokia announces a new "burrophone" duplex and full-day battery


Here we are always talking to high-quality devices. Therefore, it is always interesting to note that HMD Global is stronger and stronger than ever before, by launching mobile phones as a new version of Nokia, which was released this week and available on Indian shelves.

A powerful and polycarbonate body weight of 70 grams, the Cape Daciolo with a 1.8 inch screen and a 160 to 120 pixel pixel. The device supports a dual chip, does not allow the applications to download and run the operating system of Nokia, and supplies only the basics and ideal tools for those who want to remain in the pocket only. reflection.

Of course, anybody wants to spend a long time, which is officially the Snake classic snake game. Also, the device offers some demo games of the other games available in the official store, which must be purchased in full version. Others have been mentioned as important moments that can save up to 500 SMS messages or 2000 contacts on the agenda for remembers 4MB.

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As the classic snake games are in the Nokia 106, this functional phone brand can not be dispatched (Image: Divulgação / HMD Global)

In the remaining sections, there is a MTK 6261D processor and 4 MB RAM to launch Nokia Series 30+. The battery is 800 mAh, which, according to HMD, allows the user to connect "from morning to evening" or, more precisely, for 15 hours. The standby autonomy can play up to 21 days, while the FM radio can play 36 hours.

As the producer-oriented device, the price of the pricing was obviously the fact that Nokia 106 had about $ 300 in the Indian market. HMD Global, a licensed Finnish brand licensor on the smartphone market, said the model should reach other areas, but the Brazilian manufacturer should not be officially shut down.

Source: Nokia / HMD Global

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