Wednesday , May 25 2022

Odemira decides to refuse oil exploration


The municipality of Orenca tells about it
The Municipal Assembly has always been unanimous
Stop oil exploration on the South West coast
The Incorporation of Oil Exploration
The natural park, which has a unique ecological value in the coastal zone
At European level, Community Guidelines are to be protected
as well as very important protective modes for the population.

City Council of Odessa is inaccurate in the south-western part
Alentejano faces an unintended consultation
local authorities without understanding the impact assessment
economic, social and environmental goals
According to the Paris agreement with Portugal
transition from energy to cheap economy.

The local authorities take into account that there is investment
which can increase environmental, economic and social risks,
tourism, fishing, etc. based in the region

In the statement, the municipality also notes,
Until 2017
In May, he stopped exploration work in Algeria
Approved the decision to abolish the decision taken in 2018
Portugal Environmental Protection Agency
environmental impact assessment.

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