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Quadripleggers restore the hands with innovative surgery



The new nervous system transmits the functional nerves and implants it into the paralytic muscle

17th of May 2019 – 06 hrsBy author From the newsroom

Paul Robinson Still Moved - Credit: Private ArchivesPaul Robertson revisited – Credit: Private archive

A new life for those who have become quadriplegia. Innovative surgery that redistributes the damaged nerve is the movement of people who have been declining for decades. It was done in 16 patients at the Austin Health Clinic in Melbourne, Maryland.

The new nervous system routes the functional system and implants its paralyzed muscle to "connect" it to another functional part of the spinal cord. When trying to restore the gene's expansion, the surgical team carried out 59 neuropsychiatricis in 16 patients, each participant spent one or more nerves on one or both tops with therapy.

All 13 people who completed the study had an elongation and improved hands. "None of the participants before the surgery could verify the compression or compression of force, but two years later, this force was enough to allow them to perform the day-to-day operations," said Pursuit in Melbourne University.

Success 1

Australian Paul Robinson, who was the victim of a road crash, was one of those who had been tested and had marvelous results after 30 years. She put in wheelchairs who could not leave the house and broke one of the neck vertebrae.

Robinson, who had no previous hands-on feature, is now shown in the figure above, able to move his hand and hand to his wheelchair, to collect things on the floor and use the TV remote control with one hand.

"Before, I was imprisoned in wheelchairs, but I could not push myself until I could wear special gloves. If I had anything to put on the floor, I had to ask someone to take it away. I could not drive. To drink, I had to use both my hands, "Robinson told CNN. "It has made a big difference in my life."

Success 2

Another young man was admitted to a traumatic accident in a crash. "He decided that he would do this, but if he did not, he would not want to live anymore," says Dr. Natasha van Zyl, a leading recovery surgeon.

After combining nerve and nerve transfer, she started working at home and used family money for self-portraiture, purchased tickets, and bought popcorn.

Advanced technique

Tendon's transmissions have long been used to restore the paralyzing superior function by strategically transmitting active muscles to lose mechanical function under paralyzed tissue.

Nerve transmission was made in 1962 to improve the upper limb function, but technics have never been neglected recently. Van Zil acknowledges that his team has not invented the procedure, but explains that no one has used the technique in such a wide variety or that it is not used for quadriplegic patients.

In 2014, the team successfully performed the nervous system three times. It was published last month by the The Lancet medical journal, which showed remarkable results.

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