Saturday , June 19 2021

Rui Rio has never said "never will let friends fall" – an observer

PSD Rui RiO has never said of the disadvantages of the party's secretary general, Jose Silva, "he does not abandon his friends." In an explanation of the newsletters, the PSD is a "The Lie That Is Bad" "Wrong" "The leader of the PSD does not respect ethical standards when dealing with people"

This news was presented on Tuesday by Lusa. The news agency reports from the President of the PCD Viseu that Rui Rio said in a debate about the fraudulent participation of the secretary general of the party, "Friends can not collapse," the parliament said. At the end of the meeting, it lasted for about four hours – it was Rui Rio who raised the issuenoting that last week there was no question about the dispute.

Before the suspect, he asked Silvano how he had linked the "ethical bath" promised to party management. Rio denied that the Secretary-General would be reluctant to seek assistance in his response.

In this context, according to Lusa, President of the Social Democrat, he "can not collapse his friends" "The last thing" was Jose Silvano's fall, which is already the second general secretary after adopting the PSD manual in January.

RBU's Rui Rio believes that the facts need to be justified, proving that failure to comply with reasonable principles does not imply an advantage over someone's media coverage in an opportunist manner. In addition, this statement Rio said that even if he used the gentlemanship of third parties, he would be "unsuccessful". for their fear of their image, "" weapons, "" overworked ".

The session held at the Viseu School of Technology and Management will take place in the Portuguese leader's country and take part in such areas as Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, and discuss with party fighters. or countless, with others. It is planned to meet with the militants in Lisbon on Wednesday.

The topic of the disadvantages of deputies was announced last week at least at two plenary sessions with Jose Silvano, on October 18 and 24. Member of the Social Democrats, Emilia Tserkira, acknowledged on Friday it may have been accidentally written by Jose Silvano when you log in to your computer password having familiarized with the documents of the party secretary, the parliamentary leader Fernando Negrooni urged not to declare this case closed.

Last Thursday, six days after Expresso filed the case (on November 3), Jose Silvano applied to the parliament without answering journalists' questions. provided you did not ask anyone Vila recorded her plenary sessions in Real and Santarem in the days when she could not find her political work as Secretary-General. In that statement, Silvano asked the Prosecutor-General's Office to investigate the case and investigate what had happened.

On November 5, he told Rui Rio that Jose Silvano had maintained his political beliefs, «Small herbs». "Of course, I keep my political beliefs. Of course, it is not pleasant, but it is a suggestion for the country, the discussion of the country, the debate of the country, can be eliminated with small spatulas and other parties that constantly appear in this party. It is impossible, we should be higher, "he said in the Porta Initiative.

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