Saturday , April 1 2023

Samsung may have several smartphones with the icon on the screen


C smartphone smartphone cut, or the bell at the top of the screen appears if needed. Like Apple, many other cameras and sensors on the front panel had to keep away from this space. Some companies have the same design, "monocleas, bridges, and so on. …" appeared. Not good, but it is necessary.

To date, this new-minded Samsung has come to the end, not to the club, but to each other, not to two, to three models cut.

Samsung displays the screen with the hinges

It seems like you've won the bouquet

Samsung's equipment is characterized by a generous, space-saving, high-and low-screen display of equipment. Now, the South Korean company changes its minds.

Samsung went on to develop in the developers' conference, and Samsung soon confirmed that this trend was unifying. During slide keyword Several brushing designs for brands in 2019 and beyond have been demonstrated.

Samsung's products marketing director Hasan Anjum is on the stage, and Samsung's previous breakthroughs …

Let's turn our constraints into our new line: infinite U, V, and O screens – these are new concepts, and I can not wait to learn more about them.

Anzhum said.

Thus, the following suggestions should be made to Samsung's offer:

  • Infinity U: It's essentially the same as that of Essential Phone. A small curve that crosses the center of the screen.
  • Infinity V: Like Infinity U, but with a half-oval curve, there are four edges.
  • Infinity O: This is a full circle of the screen, not the "convex" at the top of the screen.
  • New infinity: It looks like a clean screen.

According to the descriptions and the suggested words, Samsung may be able to replace the position cut according to the needs of each device. In the picture we see some centers and the other left, allowing us to imagine some flexibility.

Galaxy S9 and Note9, possibly the latest generation

According to what's happening, smartphones will not talk to the screen, which may have other philosophies and less conservative. Thus, Galaxy S9 and Note9 can be the last line that started several years ago and ends by the end of 2018.

But Samsung did not confuse smartphones from the smartphone.

It was a campaign targeted to Apple, especially for the iPhone X. The South Korean Company has released video recording Apple's iPhone design, as shown below:

Ancient maximums seem like the idea of ​​"looking at what I have done," even though the concept is one on the other. It looks as if the brush looks good and even stops it.

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