Saturday , January 28 2023

Samuel Uria is the next guest at Side B.


Samuel Uria – Silves will perform at Teatro Mascarenhas Gregorio on December 7 at 21:30, next guest of the group "Side B".

This evening, along with his accomplishments, Samuel Uria publishes his "B-group" in an informal concert, which, of course, is a story of a career as a musician and composer, "says the Chamber of Sylvesters.

Tickets for this show are worth 8 euros at the Museum of Archeology in the Museum (282 440 838 | [email protected]) and at the Joe deux House-Museum in San Bartolome de Messinze (282 440 892 | [email protected] Reservations must be submitted by the end of December.

One half of his official biography is called "half-human", "fado and face de rio esol", which is one of the authors of the most Portuguese portals and Antonio Zambugio, Ana Mura, Clay, or Catie Gerreiro, written in their curriculum.

It was part of the FlorCaveira movement, a Portuguese soundtrack created in 1999.

Samuel Uria became part of some musical projects, but in his own name he was able to draw the attention of the public to his first album, "Em Bruto" and later with his first album, "Nem Lhe Tocava." her attention to the quality and writing of her musical compositions.

In June 2009, the musician wrote and wrote the album "The Descondecoração de Samuel Úria" in one day. The album composition was captured and broadcast live from your home over the internet, and your fans have been emailed.

In 2013, he released his third LP, "Big Threat from Small Worlds."

After the Shoulder Charge published in 2016, Samuel Úria has released a new album, Atroz March, with four new songs.

She recently attended the Cohen Song Show and co-operated with Lord Cohen's life and songs, Jorge Palma, David Fonseca, Markia and Mazgani.

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