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The Justice Minister is trying to stop the strike, but judges are no longer behind the observer


At the end of this Monday, President of the Portuguese Association of Judges Manuel Ramos Soares was invited to the Ministry of Justice. Several hours before the strike, which promised to halt the trial on Tuesday, Minister Francis Wang Dane had asked for more time to meet their demands. But the union said it would not hinder the strike if there were no specific proposals.

"The Ministry of Justice finally took a long time to satisfy our demands, but we did not give written and official assurances from the General Assembly on Saturday, no further demand has been received, and tomorrow's strike and no reason to cancel the 21st day. I will not say that I do not trust the Minister, but after the verbal commitment we called for a strike, it will not be repeated twice, "A. Zhaparov said.

The governor waited for Monday to summon ten representatives of the country's north to southern suburbs to invite a representative of the judiciary to stop the strike. But a year ago, Judge Manuel Paouperoni dropped a two-day strike after a meeting of a trade union organization PS with a congressional stand – thinking that the revision of the law was moving forward and answering your inquiries. But so far the government and judges have not come to an agreement.

There was no typical silence in the courtroom on the seventh floor of the Court of Justice in Lisbon. More than 100 judges expect President Manuel Ramos Soares to meet another strike for the strike, which lasts for one year – or before the government adopts new rules, requiring masters to discuss the deadline.

It was supposed to begin at 3:00 pm, and the judge went into the scattered room after fifteen minutes. He puts the coat in a cool air, and is deceived, lost for a few minutes, and returning to a restored room. Journalists take photographs and prepare for a warning when the President signs: "We collect hundreds of judges, and this is important. I go out to report to the journalists because they have to leave, "he said, leaving the team that worked for the strike.

Journalists had to get out of the room, and the doors were opened only after an hour, so that the end of the meeting might have taken shape. Observer was found in a meeting room where he was in the courtroom some people will have a strike decision and "if this is not the way to end the negotiations with the government", but at the end of the meeting, the President assured the observer that he did not wish to join the strike. "The judges were skeptical and explained," he said.

Judge Margarida Fernandez understood that in the case of the appellate court of the Himarave, the president would be held in the cells after talking to the media. Upon returning to the room, he was sure that the door was closed to begin the conversation. "I think he did it," he said, "people are not shy about asking questions." Without commenting on the details of the meeting, he noted that he had been with colleagues from South Korea, Sintra, Parque das Nações, and "they left them to be there." "I had never heard of any deliberations, but according to the words, the President of the Association told us about all the scenarios in the normal situation," he said. Government Reaction and Potential Scenarios of the Union.

The judge left the meeting before the end of the meeting. "He was more interested in listening to the President of the Association, because he summed up the meetings of the General Assembly today," he said.

His colleague, Christina Esteus, President of the Justice and Democracy Movement, was a Master of Science in the Court of Cascade, and was unable to attend. But he is one of the magistrates who hopes that the strike, which lasted for a year, is scheduled for a five-day strike, five days in December, and one day in a month-long strike, ending in October 2019. is scheduled to cease three days of the month).

Observer reminded the magistrates how the compensation issue affects the class. "There are partners who have refused promotions because they have diminished." That is, they refuse to go to the higher courts, as travel costs can lead to lower wages. She even shows her husband's example. "Although he went to the High Court in Porto and paid the train, he was informed once a month for a three-day trial. You have to pay the hotel in your pocket. But it does not seem to increase by 20, 30 or 40 euros, "he said.

The issue of remuneration of labor is most relevant to judges in the law discussion. Because, in their view, the Government does not want to discuss this issue. Before the General Assembly, which had found a strike on 2 November, even the judges had a proposal to merge benefits for functions that would have their basic salary. But the correction was bad. "The problem is that the proposed offer was to remove the salary ceiling, and the answer we received was to add a subsistence minimum and a tax allowance, from five to ten years, 10, 15 or less. At present, he is 20% of his salary, "said Judge Manuel Ramos Soares at the door of his room.

In 1988, the first strike of the judges took place, and the agreement with the state was made and the remuneration system was established. In 1990, the government banned the law on blocking, and it was the three ombudsmen that needed to abolish this law, "he warned. "On the one hand, the Government refused to discuss this issue, on the other hand, in 2003, refused to comply with the agreement with the judiciary, which was violated in 2005," he said.

After a few years of negotiation and a few years ago, the strike started, the case began with a promising strike on Tuesday. "The Court will cease," suggests the Master. "People do not have a right to be appointed for a fixed term and do not have the right to engage in judicial proceedings or to conduct a proper investigation," he warns, "but the cost of paying for the strike and the cost we pay."

After the meeting and after the announcement began by radio, newspapers and television, Manuel Ramos Soares invited a group surrounded by glass. The sun is over. Meanwhile, at the invitation of the Ministry of Justice, his plans changed. The Justice Minister is expected to meet. The judge entered the ministry safely, but instead of the proposal: The government needed a long time to find a solution. The judge's representative could not find enough strength to stop the strike. I did not tell him.

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