Thursday , September 29 2022

The new season of Time Games confirms the debut in April


A new player of the eighth and last season Tricks game was posted in the morning on the Facebook page (13).

The video in just 29 seconds does not give you any good news about the destiny of the characters in the new part, but you can look at Queen Cersei Lannis's Porto Real, King of the Red King and Dark Night Neva's King. We also see the following text: "All battles, all traitors, alliances, all threats, all disagreements, all sacrifices, all oaths, all deaths, #PeloTrono", the main events in West and Esos in the last seven seasons.

At the end of the tag, there are all the information that is expected: Thrones Game of the Last Season On April 24, 2019, the first seven seasons of the HBO pass through the HBO GO airplane. The evidence of the painter and brutal actor Aria Stark, who spoke in January, is Maisy Williams.

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Video can be checked during playback below:

So far, the eighth season does not have real-time weather, but should it be easier to worry about the weather, since April does not pass?

Source: Facebook

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