Monday , January 30 2023

The Operator states that it can employ only 30 stewardors


The company has been working for Setwbal port employees since the beginning of the month, which agrees with the government that it would require a reduction in the risky staff in this area, but only 30 employees.

Responding to the letter sent by Seasburg and Lisbon (PSES) to the port administration, which requires changes in the structure of labor relations, the IMT (Mobility and Transport Institute) and São Paulo Vitorino have the opportunity to hire a third of the casual workers at this stage.

"We have plenty of temporary workers who have shown us they want to join us, and as we have been saying openly, we are working in this area and have offered more than a month to hire more than 30 people," said Lusa Diogo Marekos, Operational President.

According to the official representative of the financial stability of this period, the company can not exceed 30 employees, but if the goods return to the port of Setubal, it will be possible to hire more people.

"As a matter of financial stability of the company, and we still have not measured the amount of damage that goes to the port, we can not reach high figures," he said.

However, according to Diogo Marekos, some of the existing employees to sign a contract have reportedly failed to put pressure on the union.

"The company remains affordable, which still has plenty of good working conditions for placing some of these people above the national average. Several workers did it, but we feel like we want to hire them, but we do not make them do it, "he said.

Diogo Marekos points out that the situation with the port performance of these workers is "not dangerous, not accidental".

"They are not dangerous, they are casual. It concerns not only legislative coverage, but also the nature of the port operation. They are due to workloads, they need to reach their peak, and on the second day as there are no ships for loading or unloading, "he said.

According to the Operations Manager, the promise of the company is to "increase the number of leases" if it is returned to the port of Setúbal and to negotiate a suspension of the strike.

"Of course, we can not go to the negotiating table under the pressure of the strike," he said.

The stop at the Setubal port has been challenging for chronic conditions since November 5, since workers are working on shifts, some of which are over 20 years old.

Taking into account the consequences of this strike, the Marine Minister instructed IMT and ASEC to quickly fix the "dysfunctions" at the port of Seoul.

In her letter, Ana Paula Vitorino said, "In the structure of labor relations in the port of Setubal, between port workers and labor-intensive workers, there is a risk reduction and the economic stability of these companies."

"In this regard, I believe it is necessary to reduce the number of dangerous workers working in the ports working at the Setubal port, which is only possible by negotiating and ending with a full termination of service, normal working conditions or additional work."

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