Wednesday , May 18 2022

The President of the Portuguese League of Firefighters has a threat of war against the government – an observer


President of the Portuguese Firefighter League, Haim Martha Soaresh, threatened to wage war with all forms of government in the case of the Civil Defense Reform, which declared a relaxation on the territory of Portugal.

Official Spokesperson for the National Council of Bragança, speaking at the opening of the National Council, meets "one of the worst moments in the life of the Portuguese firefighters," demanding unity and strong action, and that the Portuguese government is not the same as the Portuguese firefighters.

After the end of the work, the document will conclude a decision on the forms of the fight against the proposals of the new Organic Law in Bragança, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on 25 October. creation of five regional and 23 regional emergency and civil defense teams instead of current regional operations and relief teams.

"In any case, we will not allow these legislative reforms to be effectively implemented and used by Portuguese firefighters. We must make reservations to the Government and warn them, because they will be the measure of this army of peacekeepers and soldiers, but not afraid to fight those who threaten peace, "said the President of the League.

Haim Martha Suarez proposed reform by the government, "The system has been modified only for firefighters; none of the other structures is owned by the state either: GNR, PSP, Army, Navy, Air Force, IEM. «

According to him, all structures "have their own autonomy, their administrations, the League of Firefighters of Portugal (not the structure of civil society, but the structure of the state), which is their state employees".

"Sufficient, we have reached the limit. We want to give the autonomous order of the firefighters to all other organizations, apart from their own budget, from the autonomous fire department, "he said, claiming that the League would protect" a national civil defense agency with the same function ". as well as various partners of the civil defense structure have their own autonomy. "

Jaime Marta Soares warned that firemen were "ready to do everything to show their uprising" and urged the prime minister to avoid a situation that was classified as "dismantling the entire structure."

"I would like to say that the prime minister is not afraid of his decisions. Here we meet Portuguese firefighters. And the prime minister meets with us on the street and in all areas where our participation is profitable, and we are not afraid of any Portuguese government or prime minister, "he said.

Jaime Martha Suarez also speaks of "treachery" by the Government for failing to listen to the firefighters and proposing reform, and hopes the President of the Republic will "know" the situation.

The League President reminded that firefighters are responsible for 98% of Portugal, 95% of forest fires, and even 85% of Emergency Medicine Institute of Emergency Medicine.

"We are elements of a civil society that protects our country and we have a competent, professional and inexpensive workforce, so maybe the government will not allow the Portuguese firefighters to reset Portuguese firefighters, as the Portuguese firefighters say, we can not say anything," he said.

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