Tuesday , March 21 2023

Villas Boas speaks of the "bad experience" in England and thinks about Japan



Rodrigo Cortez


"I'm like a hippie," says former FC Porto coach.

Participating in the web summit in Lisbon, André Villas Boas recalled his visit to England. Chelsea and Tottenham have won the Europa League trophy at Porto. The Portuguese coach shared his experience of His Excellency and acknowledges that he has seen many things in the future without "short-term respect."

"The experience in England was bad for a variety of reasons, and I did not have flexibility in my ideas. I did not respect the short term and looked at the future, and I paid these expenses. Security, during the work I did not think about it, I did not find the right balance, the result was weak, and ultimately a long-term vision disappeared, "he admitted in his recent experience in Japanese football and confessed:

"I'm Hippie, football has brought me to China and Russia, you can take me back to Asia, I am very impressed with Japan, but I do not know yet, but I want to enjoy it." AVB finishes.

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