Friday , May 20 2022

With a salary increase of 2.9%, the new Autoeuropa employment contract was approved


Autoevolution workers approved a new employment contract paying 2.9% of wages and 100% wages on Sunday, with 72.8% acceptable votes and 25.9% against the Commission 's workers.

"I am very pleased that the workers are participating in the referendum, the highest percentage (82.6%), 72.8% of the contracted workers have been approved," said Lusa Volkswagen, a car commissioner working commissioner, in Palemba, in Setubal District.

In the statement of the TSF, Co-ordinator of the Workers' Commission, Fausto Dionysos, this agreement is a "period of labor peace." Looking ahead, the co-ordinator hopes that Autoeuropa will be able to create a "big launch" that Volkswagen needs in the broader range of production in Portugal.

As for the problem of transformation that contradicts the demands of the workers, they did not allow family life, and the coordinator said they were "adapting."

"This is not just a problem," he said, "The government did not provide much support to this issue, in fact, it was workers and adapted families."

The labor contract guarantees the integration of 300 contract staff to the company by the end of July.

In addition to paying 100% Sunday work, which is one of the key requirements of Autoeuropa's employees, the new employment agreement envisages increasing salaries for the next two years by 2.9%, which is at least 25 per employee.

In a press release issued by Lusa's agency, Autoeuropa has approved a new employment agreement.

Volkswagen Autoeuropa employees have signed a labor contract from January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2020, "a statement reads. "In the world, 72,8% of 5,854 employees have been agreed between the Working Committee and the management of the company."

For Autoeuropa's leadership, this agreement recognizes the whole team's role in transforming the plant's growth into a voluntary unit of production and Volkswagen Autoeuropa.

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