Friday , January 27 2023

Adina Buzatu is the main champion of the genre – Tengiz Lobby and Tango in Argentina


At the morning at MILONGUEROS International Tango International Tango Festival this weekend in Bucharest stylist Adina Buzatu and her dancers were present. The show also ended with the performance of Carlos Perez – Rosa Fort and Sebastian Messe – Andrea Reyer from Argentina. Adina Buzatou has been inspired by the inspiration from the director Petr Nestest, Adina Buzatu's sophisticated style of the 1930s, the Argentine tanga in Europe, the two-times jacket, hat and precious needle men are still the modern era where men are still dressed It should be.

"I have always been involved in this delicate dance style, so I'm happy to make my friend Carmen Rainbow inspired by the Argentinean tango art. I can say that even with Peter Nestas, we have had a passionate and stylistic world in Argentina. Tango unites people regardless of age or ethnicity. I was invited by 80-year-old dancers Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte to two guys, Adina Buzatu. I think there is nothing wrong with the fact that the person dressed flawlessly in this world does not recognize the tan, she was present at the presentation. Trends are all the same! and Tell Adina Buzat

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