Tuesday , October 4 2022

Caragald removed from the mice a few teeth from Alexander Mechenu. Its amazing


After investigating the house of George Dinche, investigators found an improvised barrel of barrels and found terrible evidence.

After testing the ashes, experts sent fractures of calcium bones and 21 fractures to the analysis. There was also a rug fitting with three rings, female chains, fragments of two sub-chains, rectangular metal scrap and burnt traces.

An adult has 8 injectors, 4 sticks, 8 precursors and 12 molars. Total 32 teeth. The toothache is divided into macular arcs (upper teeth) and arterial backbone (lower teeth). During the lifetime, there are 2 teeth in the person, the front (milk teeth) and stable.

According to the investigators, only 21 teeth were discovered, after Alexandra Mechenanu – after DNA check-up, to alleviate the burning of George Ding.

Perhaps he wanted to confuse the investigation, he may have wanted all the teen teeth, but the time did not allow him. Clearly, Dinche tried to hide his traces as much as possible, writes Cancan.ro.

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