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Dana Nalbaru, the girl who has adopted her daughter: "I do not care about people around you


Dana Nalbaru had a successful career in the domestic music industry, but at one point she decided to leave the world of entertainment and decide to dedicate herself to her full family. A 42-year-old singer, a former HI-Q member, told Adevurul about his reasons for his adoption in an interview with her mother. children born as a result of a wedding with TV actor and TV presenter Dragosh Buchur.

The reason why Dana Nalbaru is a little girl

Dana Nalbaru says he has no choice to value the views of his neighbors and wants to adopt a child from his intention to save his life. For many years, though, many negative comments were made, but decided to continue with the decision of the stars. Roxana, who has been accepted by Dragos Bucur, has come out of the novel and, as expected, has many prejudices.

"Our adoptive father had lived before. We wanted to save lives. (..) "I entered the list of adoptive children and found Roxana. Four months later we met him, and several weeks after we met him, he came to us and was with us. (..) I am not afraid of anything, I do not pay attention to the thoughts of people around you. I am not a racist. Together with Dragosh we help overcome all problems, "says Dana Nalbaru.

Dana Nalbaru, about plans for the future

In spite of the recent public appearances and disappearances in recent years, Dana has recently announced that she will release a musical project with the help of a producer from London. "This is not a commercial goal. (..) They do not go to the stage used for the Hi-Q audience, "he said.

While in Romania, when Dana and her husband went out of the country and saw how they worked in western countries, the artist decided that she would not stay in the country. However, Dana and her family were often referred to as relocating from Romania, but they have always returned. "We still think that our old age has been here. I think it's time to come to the sanitary system, "explained Dana Nalbaru.

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