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Denmark (PNL): If the MCV report is not used, you can bid farewell to European funds


PNL spokesperson Ionel Danche said Thursday that if the MCV report had not been used, it would be possible to activate art. In 7 European Union treaties and Romania loses all the benefits of the European Union, such as Schengen or accession to European funds.

Dancing (PNL): If you do not use the MCC report, you can bid farewell to European funds

Denmark (PNL): If the MCV report is not used, you can bid farewell to European funds

"Certainly, currently, with other Member States, Romania has this mechanism of co-operation and verification, specially designed to prevent the possibility of activating Article 7 of the European Union Treaty. This means we are releasing this article from activation. If Romania refuses to abide by these rules and abandons it, then it has the opportunity to activate Article 7, so Romania, especially Romania, loses all the benefits of the European Union. Ado Schengen, farewell to the European funds, said goodbye to the free movement of the Romanian people in the European Union and the right of Romanian to work in the European Union. One of the first is the 4,5 million novel in the EU and their family members, "said Ionel Danche, would Romania work as a procedure when the European Union did not comply with the latest recommendations from the European Union? S MES?

He noted that the proposals included in the MISS report were a must for Romania.

"We have ratified the merger and have RAC decisions, which they consider binding," said Dans.

The European Commission recommends that Romania, in its MCA report, develop a legal framework that will enable effective oversight of intelligence services and cooperation with judicial agencies on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the adoption of the laws of the law and, in particular, the pressure on the independence of the judiciary on DNA, have raised doubts about the irreversibility of Romania's progress. The European Commission said on Tuesday.

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