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FCSB // News URIAŞ ÷ Dică Day with Dynamo: "I guarantee that I will play in one end"


Sunday, November 11, 09:29

Dynamo i FCSB today at 21:00 in Derby, Romania. The match will feature video and photos on LiveTEXT, GSP.RO, and live on Telecom Sport, LookTV and TV Digi Sport.

At a press conference before the match, Nicolae Dică he did not know that he was opposed to defense Bogdan Planichy, it was not completely restored. The FCSB trainer had to talk to 26-year-old Serbian and asked if he wanted to play with him. (Read more HERE)

Piñajzi's Impressionario Zvono Miloyacovic told the player that he would play in Derby, Romania. «It's hard for the boarder to play it! He has a great interest in developing this division. I guarantee that I will play 100% with one foot– said Zvonko Milojkovic at Digi Sport TV.

Potential teams Dynamo – FCSB:

Drawings for the Dynamic logo DINAMO
System: 4-1-4-1
TRAINER: Mircea Reznik
26. Penedo – 22. Sorescu, 6. M. Popescu, 3. Katsikas, 93. Sg. Popovici – 18. Cooper – 4. Hankka, 10. Nistor, 99. Р. Moldovanu, 20. Salomo. Pop
Coach: Mircea Rednic
reserves: Esanu, 13. D.Kiobotariu, 17. Corbou, 21. Gomelt, 25. Zenke, 27. R.Grigie, 29. Nikitsuecki
no: Cats (Wounded), Atmane (Unknown)

Images for Fcsb logo FCSB
SYSTEM: 4-2-3-1
TRAINER: Nicolae Dică
34. Bălgrădean – 20. R. Benzar, 16. Planner, 8. L. Philip, 77. Al. Stan – 6. Nedelcu, 80. Teixeira – 98. Adam, 10. Flas Tanase, 7. Coman – 9. Gnohere
reserves: 99. А. Vlad, 11. Moruan, 17. Jacqueline, 22. Dumitru, 24. Rusescu, 26. D. Benzar, 33. Zlatin, 42. D. Tom
no: Balaas, Momcilovici, Pintilia, Av. Popescu (Wounded), Jordan Morais, M. Roman I (Suspended)

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