Tuesday , October 4 2022

GoPro Max is a new 360-minute camera that has escaped from the Internet


GoPro GoPro just dumped the first data about Hero 8, and that's another room not yet activated. About this model GoPro Max, just escaped from the Internet. This is a device created for this 360 degrees Celsius.

We are working with the GoPro Fusion 360 heir, and we do not have any data on this. However, we know that GoPro Hero will arrive in September 8 and we expect the same for Max model. These photos come from the Japanese Ministry of Communication, and the product is certified by the FCC.

We find that we are dealing with the use of the screen to see a compact, quadruple room, our overall goal, and our screen saver. Its front and rear lenses go down to 360 degrees. First, the GoPro Fusion 360 costs $ 700, and I'm expecting that price from its successor.

The 2017 version uses two lenses to capture a 5.2K image at 30 FPS and spherical shooting in 18 megapixels. There were also special microphones for sound recording at 360 degrees, we have water and dust-proof housing. It included GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyro and compass.

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