Friday , February 3 2023

It is the longest journey in people who love home and work. Andru Nenciu, after the drama Ovidiu Haţegan


The career line was awarded to the most valuable player in Romania, Ovid Haţegan, at the National League in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The doctor at the worst moment.

The dry news is as follows: the Romanian judge stopped her mother's life and said that the captain of the Netherlands, Verwill Van Dyke, was finished. "He was tired, because he knew that his mother had died, and I told him that I had been a good judge, so I ordered him to be strong and to go to him. The UK recognized the world's most respected defender – 80 million euros for Liverpool transfer from Southampton.

Perhaps no message about the FIFA badge was heard, but the Dutchman had a great deal of enthusiasm.

Haetugan showed his love for his work.

About seven years ago, Hasegan told ProSport, his longtime traveling partner, his traveling partner, Nicu Bedesca. He was FK Skendija – Partizan Belgrade, first registered from Skopje to Vienna. Hundreds of hundreds of other natural flights he learned? No! A young woman who recently suffered from brain surgery was suddenly ill. The pilots tried to answer, but there were no results. The girl was resting and the enthusiasts relied on the place of the Passover, not doing anything. "He looked at his head and swallowed his tongue," says ProSport, Haţegan. Ared the doctor, with Sebastian Kolşesku, is a professional in his profession, and is engaged in science. She put the words between her mouth and opened her mouth so that she would not stoop her tongue. Soon afterward, the patient returned, and Hasegan looked at her and looked at her until she came to the window.

A year later, not far from Skopje or Vienna, the same leader Gary Barlow was born the fourth time. One week before the London Olympics closing, the British quartet supported the concert. Solo's wife, Dawe, brought the poppy to the world. Plans, fireworks, home renovation. She lived only a few hours. Pulmonary difficulties. With a deep sorrow, Barlow did not know it was day or night. With deep turns and noise, star Take That on the stage and do not "Control the World" in 80,000 spectators' handshakes. Fear – a variety of fears – three colleagues look at it with a protective look, but Barlow has just finished. There was no movement in the stadium, but British newspapers later shrugged off Gary's clothing.

In his Biography biography, Barlow hugely exaggerates his instinct to respond to the "four" when he asks how many children he has. "I say three things, I feel guilty rather than developing the subject.

In the evening of Monday night, Veltis Arena showed self-cognition at the critical Romanian Ovidiu Haţegan. Because he liked his work, he was able to remove all the ideas he had come to think after reading the phone. He was fast and accurate in Germany's Holland 2-2 decision, and his sources did not tolerate rats.

Before the final whistle. The Dutch words Van Dikk inspired his soul and dance doctor resisted. He cried aloud and entered the garment. The best Romanian referee in the history of Haggard has been going on for many years. Probably at the highest level. Some have the blessing, the boasting of others, the 38-year-old goat. His mother wanted something. But the pain in the break is always back.

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