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Kalin Popescu Taricianu, whose file is scheduled to be nominated politically, has deteriorated


Shadow over the past, DNA abandons the "bombs" in the market: Senate Speaker Kalin Popescu's persecution of Tariceanu. Officers of the Prosecutor General's Office reported "Evenimentul zilei" The petition of the DNA Prosecutor General was sent to the Prosecutor General of Romania and came to the Senate on the same day. The country's second-ever parliamentary immunity and ALDA's presidential nominee are a year before the presidential election.

Predicted crime 2007-2010 It was made when Tariceanu was the prime minister of Romania. DNA claims that this file was created this year after joining three criminal cases, one of which was adopted at the request of the Austrian judicial authorities.

Claim refused

Toresian is accused of illegal possession of $ 800,000, plus 10% of the sum added by the Romanian Government and the Fujitsu Siemens Agreement. The initial contract was signed in 2004, but it was extended by the Tariceanu government mandate. In this regard, Article 155 of the Criminal Procedure Code states that after the commencement of criminal prosecution, it was appointed within ten years following the commencement of the proceedings. In a Microsoft file, Kate Popescu Tarezaneu, former Communications Minister of the Republic of Gabriel, complained about interruptions in the investigation into an investigation based on an investigation.

Convicted prisoners

The latter reported that in 2008 ALDE CEO received a few million euro bribes to extend fees for Microsoft's licenses purchase. Entrepreneurs Dumitru Nicolae and Dorin Cocos were sentenced to 2 years and 4 months for all illegal actions of Microsoft, former Minister Gabriel Sandu was three, and former Mayor of Pyetra Neumstein, George Stefan at age six.

Illegal listening

Senate Speaker Clemente Popescu Tarezaneu filed a petition to the Supreme Court in March to file a complaint to Microsoft on technical oversight. As revealed in the publicly available document, Microsoft's work was postponed in 2013, and in 2013, the mandate for auditing / supervision of research institutes for 80 heads of Calin Popescu Tariceanu was documented. Once the facts have been identified, the Microsoft file has been closed by DNA. The mandate was granted four days after the 2014 presidential election for the period from July 4, 2014 to November 6, 2014. "It was controlled by all means, including telephone conversations, isolation replacements, including microphones at home, including the environment. The Brasov file, the Microsoft file, the judicial mandate, and the national security mandates. He was detained in all conversations. It shows harsh persecution. Despite the technical oversight, there is nothing in the Microsoft file or restitution file to be threatened, said Dan Apostol, Calice Popescu Tariceanu's lawyer. Tariceanu's complaint based on the RAC decision on the legality of appeal to the Supreme Court was denied. The Apostle's lawyer said the file was based on the illegal actions of the prosecution authorities.

Dan Annronik's statement: Looking to the PRC and the National Security Law

In the context of the conflict between Kalin Popescu and Taricianu, journalist Dan Andrian recalled Article 3 (f) of the National Security Act on Thursday by the Constitutional Court's decision. "Take note of what is happening to IOM today, as it is discussed in Article 3 (f) of the National Security Act, on the basis of which many of the mandates Binomial Coldea-Kovesi, in our opinion, are absolutely illegal by those who attack the Constitutional Court. Perhaps, some violations of the National Security Act, which are recognized as unconstitutional, Andronic said.

To explain this, we recommend the following: "Destruction of the necessary structures for the violent democratization of the democratic institutions or the fundamental human rights and freedoms of Romanian citizens, or any other actions that undermine the defense or other interests of the country, sabotage or any other action, or the development of socio-economic life or national defense , funding or decontamination. "

DNA Brand Plant

DNA Public Prosecutor Anka Zhurma sent a letter to the Attorney General Augustine Lazarus and called on the Senate to launch a criminal investigation into the bribery committed by Kalin Popescu. – Chairman of the Senate Tariczhanu announced that the government approved the Microsoft license agreement in 2004 and that it was adopted before the term of office of the Prime Minister.

The blue file is used by a prosecuting attorney, Marius Bulansza (Austria).

Criticisms of injustices have broken the circles of the occult

Tariceanu also said that, while he was prime minister, the government was in a state of lawlessness because no payment was made for the license. At the same time, Microsoft was not paid any fees when he was prime minister, but only licenses were issued and Emil Bok's government was fined the first tranche. At the same time, Tariceanne said that Antena-3 had violated its "unfair violation of the Romanian circular circle" and its "creation of DNA".

The agreement was signed by Năstase and paid to the Boc mandate

For more than a decade after he refused to become the Prime Minister of ALDE, he resumed the theme of Microsoft's license. «Taking into account the passport certification file that we paid for, we will continue to testify to another DNA product of DNA, he said. On Wednesday, Facebook posted a DNA query on a procedural track, informing that any such request was signed by the government of Năstase and that some payments had been made to the Boc government. Specifically, Tariceanu has explained that the government has taken a decision on the licensing of inventory. In other words, Romania complains to Microsoft, "In this case, we are in danger of spending more money on the Romanian state."

In the same post, the ALDE leader wrote this "The truth about protocols and abuses is disclosed and the legal method of reforming justice and breaking ties with services is irreversible. Romanian President Basescu will not return to the time when he will be appointed as prosecutors and join them in political opponents. "

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