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Mesaccircus – The number of phishing attacks in the last quarter was over 137 million


In the third quarter of 2018, according to spam and phishing reports of Kaspersky Lab, the number of phishing attacks increased by 27.5% in the third quarter of 2018 and amounted to $ 137 million. Attempted to go to dirty websites.

Phishing is considered one of the most potent cyber-attacks, because it is based on methods social engineering and can be ignored. In many cases copies of criminals are made capture surface Encourage the victim to access the data or access to other services with other valuable information. The consequences of such attacks can not be harmed by all the organizations that have provided authentication data to the offenders so that employees are not sufficiently attentive and can access the system.

Attacks on more than 137,382 million phishing sites have been identified in T3, by 2017 more than half of this indicator has been registered. Rapid growth of phishing attacks continued in the fourth quarter of 2018.

More than one third of all phishing attacks are on banks, payment systems and e-commerce, over 20% in T2.

SKO Sibiu In the period 2017-2018, there were two criminal investigations into an investigation "computer fraud" committed for committing a crime. Criminal proceedings were instituted in Article 249 of the Criminal Code, which resulted in financial damage to 14,000 euros and $ 11,000. In addition, investigations have been launched into the "computer fraud" of three other criminal cases that have decided to transfer various sums of money (up to $ 110,000) from companies from Sibiu, where the incomplete transactions are timely blocked. The investigation is carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor's office at the Sibiu court.

In the third quarter, Guatemala had the highest percentage of attacked consumers, up from 19 per cent over the previous quarter. Spain occupies 17.5% of its users against phishing attacks.

Experts of Kaspersky Lab recommend that users take several steps to protect against phishing, such as by checking the sender's email address and the sender's e-mail address so that they are authentic and secure. For maximum security, experts recommend setting up a traffic-encrypted VPN solution. In an unsecured connection, cybercriminals can control you without paying attention to phishing pages.

Sibiu offers IPJ's prevention of computer fraud through the Social Engineering Program

Social engineering is an art that influences or influences the ability of others to perform certain actions or publish confidential information. This term usually applies to persons who abuse information for information gathering or access to information systems. Such an offense may relate to the illegal possession of bank transfers made by commercial companies in economic relations.

The criminal scheme of these facts is harmful to e-mail accounts used by business companies in business relationships, unauthorized access, control over compliance of company employees, and email address of a partner company. The result may be the illegal transfer of money to a bank account that is different from the beneficiary's control over other members of the criminal group.

Unauthorized infections may be caused by a phishing attack. Criminals send emailers misleading to the victim and force them to access various links and password passwords or to download virus files that harm computer systems and provide mail traffickers.

To prevent such fraud, the Police recommends:

· Regularly change the access passwords in the e-mail accounts used in the commercial business using two-stage authentication;

· Restrictions on the use of computers for other purposes (access to personal email, social networking), avoiding the risk of infection by malware;

· Specify the specific work schedule for possible risks and inform employees;

· You need to confirm your phone when you are switching to a bank account other than ordinary transactions or ordinary transactions;

· Do not respond to e-mails asking you to create a new email requesting a change in your bank account using the "Repeat" feature and ask for that confirmation;

· In these cases, immediately inform the police about the company.

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