Friday , February 3 2023

Mickey Mouse celebrates its 90th anniversary: ​​Europe FM


Mickey Mouse unites people of any age than any other animated character, and reminds them of the benefits of laughter, optimism, and hope.

It has the ability to emotionally communicate with its universal love and generations all over the world; no one in the hearts and minds of all fans in the world will have another place.

For the time being, Mickey Mouse It has appeared in more than 120 animated titles and is now available in pictures Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Club i Mickey and pilots compete Disney Channel i Disney Junior. This is not only the most popular theme parks in the world, but also in many exciting shows such as Disney On Ice and Disney Live! All of Disney's role is a symbol.

Mickey Mouse funny, active, optimistic and congenital leader. This causes nostalgia in adult children and sends pleasant values, anxiety and interesting audiences to children.

Did you know?

  • Mickey in dozens of television films and special episodes of Disney, in 1988, she took part in the Academy Award Ceremony and presented the actor Tom Selleck's envelope. In 2003, Mickey presented the Oscar® jubilee with actress Jennifer Garner.
  • Each of Mickey's fingers has 4 fingers, which was primarily aesthetic.
  • Uber Everers has been known for producing 700 drawings per day. He animated the first Mickey Mouse drawings, and his record never coincided.
  • Mickey Mouse 121 performed in animation and cinema, including 1928 and 1953.
  • Mickey's name in Italian is "Topolino" (meaning "mosquitos"). Other languages ​​are Mickey Mouse (German), Mickey Hiri (Finnish), Michael Musulus (Latin) and Mouss Pigg (Swedish).
  • The Statue of Partners – Statue of Will Disney's Mickey Hand. Blaine Gibson's Partners – Disneyland is an honorable place in several Disney parks in the Walt Disney studio park in Paris.

Do not miss a special jubilee program together Mickey Mouse from Disney Chanel i Disney Junior!!

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