Thursday , February 2 2023

Mona desert is a new BMW X5 race car


Sahara of the new BMW X5

Monza scheme has changed In the Sahara Desert. Officially, in the summer of last year, the new BMW X5 equipped with the XOffroad package ran through an improvised road in Morocco with a team of professional pilots.

Weather in Merzouga, Morocco, has helped those who are working to make a 1: 1 copy of the legendary Mona robe. Topographers and technicians, engineers and architects worked on the stage for two weeks. Sandstorms that hit the region felt like Sisip.


The stones brought from mountainous areas of 5,793 kilometers were painted in white and red, and outside of it, similar fences around the original scheme were installed.

BMW Driving Experience Professional Instructor, Giorgio Porello, was the new BMW X5 driver. He knew the Italian scheme, but by the improvised version of the desert.

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