Thursday , October 21 2021

More than 200 developers are taking part in the DevHacks, the largest hackmato that affects society


More than 200 developers are taking part in the DevHacks, the largest hackmato that affects society

More than 60 teams, consisting of programmers, designers, product managers and marketers, will help you to improve local reality throughout 24 hours, giving you everyday challenges. Thus, regardless of the experience of the participants and the level of their knowledge, they can be written individually or in teams.

The novelty of this edition is made up of six participants: future banking, fintex, security, women in technology, digital transformation, web and mobile communications.

For example, the category of "Future Bank" has been criticized by the new critics, allowing participants to improve their relationships with banks and customers by setting up personal finance management tools. The purpose of these tools is to provide a good combination of banking products based on customer behavior and needs.

Also, as part of the preparation for security, participants are given the opportunity to file a request to reduce the time spent on incidents.

One of the goals of Hakakat is to support women's technological community, and therefore one of the categories of this edition is "Women's Technology", which is aimed at developing collaborative and diverse applications.

Part of DevHacks's experience is local and international trainers who support all contest participants with advice and feedback, as well as new ideas. Among them: Giulio Fronterotte, program architect of Borsa Italiana – London Stock Exchange; Christina Buturga, Web Analytics Engineer – Metro Systems Romania; Erdal-Edrol Abram, Head of IT Production – Raiffeisen Bank; Julia Biro, Community Manager, Developer Relations – Nexmo; Silviu-Tudor Serban, founder of Helios Vision, Intel Software Innovator.

Relaxing entertainment venues for the full experience make it possible to enjoy the whole event. Our partners, Fruit Break and Relaxopedia, promote the energy of the participants. In addition, the concept of the Escape Room can be checked by the VR Experience of the VR Center. DevHacks partners are supported by: London Stock Exchange, Raiffeisen Bank, Metro Systems, Cyborg, Team Extension and

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