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Otit external: how it is processed?


otitis externa

otitis externa

Otitis media – inflammation of the external audit tube and / or a cerebellum pavilion – initially causes pain in the rash, and later at night increases to the ear pavilion; Pain can be spread around the ear.

Otitis media. Other symptoms of external autitis: hearing impairment, loss of hearing, swelling of adjacent areas, purulent secretion from external audience.

Factors that encourage otitis media are typically bacteria and fungi that colonize the skin from the external audit trap.

Festive nuisance is a natural barrier to microbial aggression, just like a tension.

Events that can change these obstacles:

  • Wash the ear with soap, shampoo and alcohol
  • waterfowl, water sports (polo)
  • It is characterized by chronic eczema, ear piercing and formation of yellow bark
  • the use of headphones can cause damage, which is bacteria and fungus gates
  • general immune defects (diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, malignant neoplasms, chronic infections, long-term cortisone treatment)
  • physiological conditions (pregnancy)

This is a myth that "suffers from swimming pools or seawater." It moisturizes the skin on the skin and creates entrance gates for "coordination" for bacteria and fungi.

Often in conditions of external otitis, the overall condition is unstable or unhealthy, but only locally uncertain.

In the case of immunodeficiency, otitis externally flare can be a general condition that requires evolution and hospitalization and requires infusion therapy.

Otitis media. Evolution depends on the correctness of treatment:

  • local – daily tables, replaced by local illness due to antibiotic drops in the external audit pipe
  • general – anti-inflammatory, antibiotic

Usually, golden staphylococcus induces localized and general changes in the abundance of otitis media, so antibiotic is the most common antibiotic oxacillin or ciprofloxacin.

In the beginning, especially if the night-long treatment has already taken place (even if the infection is localized), the pain increases. Then the purulent group "breaks down" and stops the pain. Now treatment will be localized only to full treatment, medical center for diagnosis and treatment of "Dr. Victor Babes".

Hearing restoration and fall loss occurs gradually, requiring recurring pain to clean the secretion associated with local drops and residues.

It is not necessary to collect secretion from the external audit tube to detect bacteria and / or fungi, except for otitis, diabetes, and other common causes of immunosuppression.

Mycotic otitis externa is not heavy! – it is reflected by the plugging of the external audit through the mycelium plug and the dark black secretion.

When bacterial infection is associated with mycotic otitis, pain and local swelling occur – the otitis media mix with the exterior.

In this case, antibiotic therapy can help mushrooms develop, but the anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs are a priority; Later, after the pain, local mycotypic otitis – drops of boric acid alcohol, treated with liquefied beta. General antimicrobial treatment is not required, except immunotherapy.

Otitis media. Differential diagnosis:

  • temporary frontal arthritis
  • pharao-amigallite, acne tonzilit
  • neuralgia
  • dental effects
  • acute otitis media, acute otomastoiditis

However, it is impossible to combine external oxygen with any of these conditions!

In the case of any permanent ear disease, leukocyte counseling is recommended for the diagnosis or removal of optical illness.