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Roma Dennis comes from Adam! What is stated in the Italian press about casting a FCSB player »


Gigi Bekali Dorin wants Rotary and 23-year-old striker Dennis Mandy.The novelty of the novel. Italian media representatives decided to switch to giallorosso in Romania's international U21 final.

Although Giani Bekali says he does not want Dennis Manden to quit in the winter, Romain will be able to change his opinion if he makes a good offer for a 20-year-old footballer. Recently, the good evolution of Dennis Adam helped the leaders of Series A.

Roma Dennis wants Madness. He struggles with Tonalim's transfer to Seriya A.

The title of the article appeared in "Rome, Tony Dennis Man" Di Francesco seems to have talked with Roman Sport Director Monchie. At first he asked for a valve on the right side of the defense line. 18-year-old Dennis Man and Tonali from Brescia are in the final in the winter final.

An article published in Italy

Dennis Man and Tony Monchie are the last two players. Romain also showed interest in Eduard Salvio (Benfica), Maxwell Cornet (Lyon), Nicholas Pepe (Lille) and Thomas Jazard (Borussia Mönchengladbach).

Congratulates Dennis Man for the goal scored at FCSB
Congratulates Dennis Man for the goal scored at FCSB

"I also rejected 14 million people, not 11 million people for A. Rom. This is not an official offer, he says, "Do you give him 14 million? I will not give it to you! »I asked for 30 million soms. I'm against 20 million for 2 years and 30 million, because these proposals will come " said Gigi Bekali in August.

  • 2.7 million – Dennis Man's share
  • 100,000,000 euros Dennis Adam's Word

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