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Shopping Mall. Dreadful facts

Men talk about past experiences when they first mingled with a young man • The authorities have spent too much of this happening, eyewitnesses sayThe anti-mafia prosecutor's office opened a file on possible terrorist acts by Valentin Parfen on Sunday, which has sparked many people in a stolen car; he did not say his plans for a few sheets found in his home, but he was born in Romania, he was Lipova, and the Romans were an "encyclopedia" because he fought his country • ordered prosecutors to send Parthiani a psychiatric examination •

The attacks of the Trade Center were brought to the attention of prosecutors of the Directorate for Organized Crime and Terrorism Research (DIICOT) – "Territorial activities of the Galata". Head of the Directorate, Prosecutor General Michael Porime yesterday confirmed this information for editors of Obiectiv – Vocea Brăilei. This ex officio is a reference and according to the Law 535/2004, a file opened by the young Marius Valentin Parfenia as an act of terrorism was opened. 32, par. 1, light. a) and c). This paragraph states: "This constitutes a terrorist act and is sanctioned by law for a crime for which a certain law is forbidden to commit one of the following acts that can be multiplied by one third of a specific limit and may damage the nature or context of a country or international organization, threatening the population or executing a public body or international organization coercion, abandonment or deconstruction of certain acts or acts of the fundamental, constitutional, economic or social policy frameworks of the international organization: (a) killing, killing or bodily injury; (…) c).

Every day, more and more data on the unprecedented event in Romania is even more frightening. The editors of "Objective – Voice of Braila" talked with the criminal prosecutor and "civilized people" who were involved in the case because they were appointed by the judges at the end of the meeting, and the blood spill "about Marius Parphy.

Lectures on Monday morning, Marius Valentin Parfenie, a 20-year-old striker of the Warsaw shopping mall, has made a premature investigation. Four manuscripts were found, which led to the horrors of the young man on Sunday, November 11. Obviously, he wanted to download it in some way, but he was supposed to respond very well. On these roads, Parfenė declared "a historic day for Romania." Criminal prosecutor Mircea Cuutz ordered Parphini to send a psychiatric examination after reading those tickets. In the coming days, an individual comes to the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML). Minas Minovići «Bucharest. Whenever possible, the Braille Tribunal prosecutor did not report the outcome of the drug abuse. On the contrary, the full effect of alcohol, Marius Parfenie has a thousand and one thousand 0.95 grams of blood alcohol.

The striker wrote, "I will destroy you!"

On several occasions, Marius Valentine Parfenia, who was lying in some papers found in her home, says that she was a young man Lipova, born in Romania. Prosecutor Mircea Cuutz explained to us that the defendant was shocked by the Romanian community and had problems with his native country. He tells the Romans that they "do nothing to change their country and change anything." Parthiana, even in his opinion, wanted to draw attention to the fact that the Romanian people needed a small congregation – perhaps referring to that part – moving from place to place "fool"And it can be followed "Historical day for Romania". However, according to the source, the defendant explained that his actions were not a terrorist act but "patriotism and love for the country". However, after the Mall attack, a few people put it "There should be blood in this country … children cry, bath!, proves that a person is violated in the country.

He also recalled that at home tickets, a young man could not change anything in that country and remembered corruption politicians, soldiers and police officers. Perfumery has encouraged people to think about their loved ones, children, grandchildren, relatives, because something would change in Romania.

The attacker recalled money or bad tickets, but he just wanted to be with his family, which was impossible because the young man went to work for a while, sent home money, and even his father spoke. In addition, on Monday morning, Parfenie bought an air ticket and was forced to leave Sweden. In his opinion, the fact that the investigators found on the pages found was a "positive influence" on the Romans and that it should be acted upon to bring them to reality. Also, there would be a "consultation" for the Romanian people: they would not be able to reside in their country anymore.

Unfortunately, he was sent by the "recipients" of the hospital travel tips when he was transported by car.

She admitted her business and said she wanted to make "ashes".

The accused Parfena did not show that she had psychological problems, but spoke normally. The Prosecutor's Office's Braila Tribunal, a criminal prosecutor at the Mircea Cuuta, explained that he had admitted his actions during the hearings, that is, the car, but did not give any logical explanation. He simply "he wanted to make a badger, and then he killed himself. He insisted that he wanted to do that. He has no reason. Mina Minoviči was referred to a psychiatric expertise«.

The prosecution also questioned the use of narcotics, but he did not become drug addicts and supported his close friendship. None of the banned substances are known or not, and the results of the samples are true. Paraffin's father also spoke on this issue, if someone felt drugged because he could not attack on Sunday, if his mind was clear. However, during the minority, Marius, even his father, committed a crime of violence or other violence in the spring of 2015. According to investigators, a young man – then a small man – stole a metal bar, but has been under arrest for six months.

It's worth noting that the Parfenie family did not look good to people living near Pisc. Some Facebook users even commented on articles published on the "Objective" site.

A terrible testimony to "people with a cognitive spirit."

As I said at the beginning of this article, everyday editors have managed to get the Paraffinis from the car and talk with men holding them until the arrival of the first police crew. They can be regarded as "heroes" because they have accepted any danger that has opened their door and hinders their individual plan. They wanted to remain hidden and respected their desires, but their witnesses were terrified. "I went to the terrace and ate coffee, I heard two explosions. Perhaps small concrete piles were then dropped. The world has risen to a hypermarket. We went out quickly to see what was going on. I did not forget this picture: a black car made of glass, you did not see who you stood on the door of the hallway, and the driver told me he was standing on the accelerator. Everyone was scared at the entrance to the store trying to run. My preoccupation did not escape, but I opened the car doors to see what was going on. Do you know what the guy told me when I opened the door? "Let's kill people!" Then we realized the severity of the situation. I tried to get his hand on the wheel, but he stopped. She stood firm on the chair. Then I removed my legs to release the accelerator pedal. The tachometer's shoulder was completely. I even thought that the dust would do the same thing as I did. I admit that I hit her on the steering wheel, but she felt nothing. Later, several people came and shook their hands. Also, another person I did not know would open the door to the right of the car and remove the contact key and then throw it to shock. When the car engine stopped, I was determined to enter the car and pull it out of the wheel. I was helped by someone else. This young man has something to doubt. When I opened the door I was not able to recall the silence and the words he had spoken … When I hit the concrete mall, there was a defect in the wheel, otherwise I could not tell when the car went to the right when I entered the store for the second time., A man who brought Marius Parphina from his car told us.

"He was so calm, not afraid of a second, he did not swear."

Other Braillean turned it around and protected it from the crowd. "I put it down to the bottom, so it can hit the surface of the concrete and not get into others. He stared at me and said, "Play me! Shoot me! «. A few seconds later, as she heard in a press release, she started crying: "There must be blood in this country!" The other men around me lay down on the shoulder and left him on the ground. Then I told her not to try to get up again and again, "She'll cry out your children in this country!" Then she said something about the gendarmerie, but I did not know what that was. He calmed down after this episode, but not all, if I can. At one point when he asked to show his ballot, he wanted to put his hand on his chest but did not let him. I thought I was getting a knife or not knowing someone. I offered to speak to him quietly, otherwise the world would lie to him. Many people gathered around me. Some people beat him, but I tried to protect him. I told them, 'Judge him or her, or you'll have trouble.' When I was with him, I did not always feel the smell of alcohol because he was always drinking. I did not smell and feel. He made me think in another detail: he was calm, not even a second for a moment, he did not swear. The drunk person gives a few oaths, but he wants to kill the despicable ones, and even death is expected. But before the police came, he was in peace. When I tell you something, because of the tightness of space, many people could not unite, but if I park it in open space? I do not think that he could not save because he was apprehensive "and told the man who gave it to the authorities.

"I know what steps will be taken on Sunday's events."

The man still has some dissatisfaction. "The first crew arrived at 17 minutes. I think this is a madness forever, but in any case it means just 17 minutes. Since he started this plan, did he think that after hitting the man, he hit two people in the belt and had something to call 112 until he came to the mall? Have not they mobilized at that time? Are they ready to go faster (police – n.r.)? But if such a story happened elsewhere in the city? Where did they come from? In any case, this guy came at a speed, hitting at least one car on the rotating Carrefour, arriving through the parking lot, first entered people in the smoking area, then made a cycle and shop. These concrete pillars immediately stripped them, and they did not grab hold of it, just as if they were pulling the hand over the doorposts. That was good luck. At that time there were many people in the mall. Many children saw it. How can you stop him if he can not access Carrefour? He paused when he thought he had killed many people. It's about security guards. They are few, everyday there are so many people, and the law still does, at least, prohibit the possession of a prey spray. In practice some people are dressed in safety, but with hands. How to put it on the wheel of a car? Perhaps this was always a safe crew, well equipped and staying in a parking lot and would not be ready to interfere. Perhaps even peaceful people at the mall. What happens when Sunday's events are what I like … ", – said the man.

After the arrival of the first police crew, Marius took Parphina to two agents and took her to the car, and then she had another "bucket." We had to leave the car with a desire to escape, but this plan did not succeed. "When we handed him over to the police, we saw what actually happened. When I saw a woman lying on the floor, other people were wounded and another wounded, blood flowing and we put our hands on our heads. When I saw him on the ground, I did not see the victims, but I thought someone was going to be injured. But when we see these people look alike, we understand what happens if the driver is not on the stand. Of course, after the arrival of the first police officers, shortly thereafter, all the people appeared: other police officers, SMURD, jandarmes, ambulance. To sum it up, I thought it would take some time before the scene came. I told them all I needed to know about this Sunday. After all, I do not think the event can be repeated!, said one of Braille.

The following illustration surprises us that Marius Valentin spent several hours prior to placing Parphina into the city club. He is nervous, anxious, but vice versa, looks good to his acquaintances.

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