Friday , June 18 2021

SIMONA HALEP. The first trainer has reduced the list of Simon Caleb: "There is no thought"

Wednesday, November 14, 20:58

Wirgina Ruzici, manager of Simon Caleb, described the position of the WTA head, who left no coaches after the cessation of cooperation with Darren Cahill.

Vergina Ruzici is a former trainer of Andrea Pavel, Simone Halep, and he does not know who is the new trainer of the Romanian trainer.

«Andrey Marius works with Copilia. So this is not the thought. The situation is unprecedented, because it has never been with him. But after four years of relationships, some relationships are logical. Darren's compassion for me after four years of his decision.

Give me the time, and you know when we organize. I do not know whether he will be a foreign or a Romanian coach. We analyze all the possibilities offered to us and, perhaps, the possibilities we are looking for. Simona is optimistic. We organize it very well, "said Virgina Ruggići, a TV host for Digi Sport.

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