Sunday , March 26 2023

Sony Aibo. Smart dog that you like


Sony Aibo is smart bracelet

Sony Aibo The smart puppy developed by the Japanese, for the first time in Romania it has been presented by Orange and Sony, and from the first boar you love a cute robot. It tells us about a robot dog, who works on the basis of artificial intelligence and is involved in the mastership of his master, so he learns from your character to learn how to behave in a relationship with you.

Although this robot is moving like a robot, Sony Aibo thinks it looks like a dog's movement, but it sounds a bit like you love it. The Sony Aibo has a built-in camera, and the other one allows you to map the room up to 360 degrees close to the tail, and also can walk and walk around the house, including the load.

Sony Aibo. Smart dog that you like

Sony Aibo smart dog 1

I have said Sony Aibo is a great puppy, and this advice will allow you to keep up with the voice of up to 100 people on the nose chamber and not mind when you are in mood. Every Sony Aibo has a personality owner and you may be playing or mature over the relationship, but if it's around a lot of people and paying attention to it, it ignores it and also knows when to ask for it.

Sony Aibo smart puppy 3

Sony Aibo – a puppy you need to be forced to do, you really do it, as a great home-based partner, especially when you can watch video with a special program that allows you to control it. Until now, Sony Aibo is not sold by Sony or Orange in Romania, but it comes at a time, but its value is up to $ 3000 and may even be very high for enthusiasts.

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