Wednesday , October 5 2022

Statement on the establishment of vascular surgery in the Emergency Hospital

[ad_1] has launched a search for a root surgery department at the Trivium Ambulance Hospital. The application was started by the assis. Univ. Dr Mircea Ionut Popitius, a vascular and endovascular surgeon: "We believe it's helpful to build a root surgery unit at Travoug Jiu Ambulance Hospital because the vascular patients in this region deserve to live without amputation!

Vessel surgery – is a surgical profession for vascular disorders that can be arterial, venous or lymphatic. The only ships that have not come to this profession are brain and heart. Primary medical conditions – peripheral arterial disease, direct result of atherosclerosis. This is an illness that affects nearly 20% of adults over the age of 65. Depending on the development and severity of the disease, it may be invalid, which leads to amputation or even death. For these reasons, the main objective of vascular surgery is to keep the lower arm and reduce the number of major amputations, "said the online petition.

In Târgu-Jiu, the patients traveled more than 200 kilometers

The disorders of the cardiovascular system are different and their consequences are most important. Patients of Gor are transported for treatment at 200 km. "Another common condition is the effects of carotid disease and atherosclerosis in the carotid artery. One of the major complications of unwanted carotid disease is stroke, a significant event that can dramatically change the quality of life or cause death. An important part of vascular surgery is aneurysm, mainly abdominal aurorasis. In the absence of adequate treatment, this situation has an evolutionary potential and often leads to death. Blood vessel surgery also involves the treatment of peripheral venous and lymphatic diseases. However, although it may seem small, venous and lymphatic disorders lead to complex complications that are the main source of discomfort and the quality of life.

The pulmonary patient has a delicate, usually aging, long-term pathology, which requires a pluridising method: cardiac, neurological, neurological, diabetic and postoperative reanimation. Also, the complexity of the tissue defects that can be treated is closely related to other surgical specialties: general surgery, plastic and repair surgery, and orthopedics to vascular surgery. Patients with tuberculosis problems in Torgu Jiu and adjacent areas are being treated for at least 200 kilometers for treatment and spend a lot of time in patients suffering from amputation or death, "said the online petition.

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