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Tariceanu: Justice decides to resume DNA head appointment / ALDE CEO tells ministers' proposals rejected by Johnnis


Chairman of the Senate Kalin Popescu Taricianu said on Wednesday that Justice Minister Tudorel Toden Klaus had to make a decision to resume the appointment of the DNI General Prosecutor after refusing Johannis from Johnson to Adina.

"I did not talk to the Minister of Justice on this issue. He was invited to run the election-interview procedure. Last time I saw four or five candidates. The conversation ended with remarks. I also mentioned some television candidates that they wanted to do as a boss. I do not know, is it even more explicit? I do not know what the ICC offers about transparency, "said Calin Popescu Taricianu, Minister of Justice, with Tudorel Todder on rebuilding DNA's appointment as General Prosecutor.

As it was stated in the press release by the Administration of the President, "The Communiqué was not inspired by the inspiration," including the mistake, as it was acknowledged by Adina Flora as the reasons for her refusal to be a DNA Public Prosecutor.

"How did the President prove that? (…) Then why not comment! I saw Cotroceni's statement in the communique. Remember, it does not comply with legal requirements. It's not a word, it's a press release. If he did, it was good. "This does not meet the legal requirements." Obviously, this can only be set out by law, and the one whose writing is not very inspirational, but eventually explains what has not happened. I do not know what we will see, "concluded Tariceanu.

President Klaus Johnnis denied the DNA, the Ministry of Justice and the Minister of Justice for Dietics, including Adina Florero from Tudorel Todder as the Prosecutor General.

In October, Justice Minister Tudorel Toder proposed President Claus Johnnis to appoint prosecutors for senior positions:

– Adina Flora, Attorney-General of the National Anti-Corruption Office;
– Florence-Esther Stercchi, for the position of Attorney General of the Office of Public Prosecutor's Office, who has joined the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court;
– Elena Giorgioanne Ho, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Office for Organized Crime and Terrorism;
– Yuliana Nedelku, Deputy Prosecutor General for Office of the Prosecutor General, assigned to the Supreme Court and Justice;
– Antonia-Eleonora Konstantin has been appointed Attorney-General of the Office of the Prosecutor General, assigned to the Supreme Court and Justice.

Tariceanu: If Johnnis does not respect constitutional privileges, CCR

If the Chairperson of the Senate does not respect his constitutional powers due to the refusal of the Head of the State to appoint Olguta Vasilescu and Ilan Laufer to Klaus Johnnis, then it is possible to debate by sending the "question of course" to the People's Republic of China.

"If Mr John respected his constitutional authority, it is a good thing that if he does not respect his peculiarities on the prime minister's nominees and his nomination orders, then there is a clear reference to the PRC, and I do not want to predict that we do not know that Danica has sent her suggestions. You can solve these issues as quickly as you can. This means that instead of a whole salad on the table, we can not have anything, "said Kalin Popescu Tariceanu on Wednesday in parliament asking whether he had refused to appoint two ministers from President Johns.

He said that Johnannis used the Constitutional Court's decision when he denied two Social Democrats.

"Mr. Johnson implements the constitutional right that he does not have in the Constitution, has the right to abandon the constitution, which is a gift to the TAP and is used by the Court. As RCK's decision states, the denial of his authority is motivated by the following: "I do not know if there is any evidence," concluded Taricianu.

President Klaus Johnnis announced on Tuesday that he would not sign a decree appointing Minister of Transport Leia Olqueta Vasilescu and Ilan Laufer for PSD for Regional Development Portfolio.

Despite the PSD CEX's decision to resign Paul Stanku on Monday, the head of state has not signed a decree on dismissal, and has signed a decree to dismiss the Minister of Transport Luchan Shova.

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