Friday , August 19 2022

The body of actor Anton Touf's body is played at the Baia Mare City Theater


The funeral of Anton Tauf will be held in the foyer of Baia-Mare City Hall, on November 22, at 9:00 am, at 1pm. All those who want goodness are called.

Antoine Touf (1946, 18 April – 20 November 2018), after graduating from the Bucharest Theater Institute, served for forty-five years on Cluj's stage, Bite Frenanov and Octavian Kotescu wrote on the official website of the National Theater of Cluj in 1968.

Anton Tauf worked with temporary directors, starting with Vlad Mugur, and immediately after leaving the faculty, to the city of Sommes, and Polonyus of the Hummel kingdom. His collaboration with György Harag, Aureliu Manea, Mircea Marin, Alexa Visarion, Alexandru Tatos, Alexandru Dabija, Mona Chirila, Anca Bradu, Tudor Lucanu. But the longest and most successful way was directed by Mihai Menunius, under his leadership, with unforgettable roles: Macbeth of Macbeth of Shakespeare, Segismundo of Life – The Dream of Barcelona Calderon, He is above us, the star of Ecaterina Oproiu, George Ciprian Chirica, From Shakespeare's Shrew to Petruchio, Giurdain from the bourgeoisie of the ghetto of the Molier, professor of classroom at Eugene Ionesco, Luciano Blaise's water dump.

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