Wednesday , February 1 2023

Total War! Fire fire uses heavy artillery against Dragnea


Bucharest's general governor, acting president of Bucharest PSD Gabriela Hoda, said the PSD had a need to conceal internal polls. The fire extinguisher has prepared its own "piercing" PSD. Thus, it is removed from the temporary administration of the Bucharest organization

He says PSD President Libyou Dragna does not force him to say that the novelist does not want to distort his requests to show that this is not bad.

I'm telling you how this works. Recently, I was the first to be John John the Second, Third Place – Tariceanu and Mr. Dragnea. And what you can see. When he presented his researches, he was at a high level as he said in an interview with Romanian TV that Gabriela Huda could not go to the president with real figures.

Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriel Mutu, said PSD President Livi Drahna had decided to hold a postponement in Bucharest after his secret meeting with governors of this sector (with no rector Robert Nugita). Sector 6 was represented by Gabriel Mouta.

According to him, "there are five mayors in the sector, all of whom are Robert Neapita," discussed with Dragnea on Tuesday evening or Thursday evening. "He said to them," It is impossible and impossible to get it on the principle of sharing and skill. "

Mayor of Bucharest says PSD is preparing its "piercing". Thus, he was removed from the temporary leadership of the Bucharest organization, and he was also elected president of the PSD president, Ilfov.

Faina said, "This is a turning point for PSD and the whole country." "The next step of Mr. Dragna is that of anyone who strives to abandon his leadership. (…) The PSD becomes a single person. When I miss the Secretary – General so easily, the very good organizer seems to have stayed with Drahnii at days and nights, something wrong. I would like to ask you why this situation has arisen, "said Gabriela Food, and Adrian Schutenau, who was expelled from the party – an" authoritative advocate of the organization. "

"My colleagues told me that I was waiting for Madrid, and I prepared the squad and the whole scenario was just beginning. (…) I was told that he had taken a special treatment and Mr Dragnea made a statement before the akims of the sector who did not want to prevent me from going to another party to alleviate my situation, and he wanted to torture me and let me give my political career. (…) Of course, it hurts me, but I will not do anything to show that there is a Romanian job. If my colleagues vote in the Venice Parliament, then the mayor of the general will not have political powers, "he said.

He said that Sector 6 Sector Gabriel Mutu would be replaced by Bucharest PSD and Bucharest's prefect.

Mayor of Bucharest is concerned about the possibility of some MPs voting on the charges against the Dnieper Government, which is the statement of Livni Dragna's commitment to the evil of the party.

"I had all the meetings and other colleagues who did not consider Dragnija to be politically motivated, that the colleagues or the parliament voted against the government of the PSD, so Mr. Gogorita's Dragnea would have to refuse our colleagues from the country, can not be said. The PSD government did not have the voice of deputies who had seen the party differently than Mr Dragana.

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