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2018 Cup Pitch: Czech Republic – Russia, live stream on November 11, 2018


Show time – Moscow

18:00 Welcome now. Thank you for joining us this time and watching online. Best for you and for success! Be careful. You'll soon be able to see the hockey player!

17:40. A colorful and expressive report about the Harsinki Cup Cup, in our report from the stage.

Three of the three Russians did not succeed, and they denied Rikha. Did Eurotour replace Europa Cup?

For the first time in the history of the Karjal Cup, the winner was awarded a cup.

At 5:30. «Powerful game. We have made some mistakes, and you can not do it. Finally, they tried, fought. Why does it always succeed in the majority? Most of us have been dismantled.

New teams? Positive result. We won the cup, many young men checked, and there were many debutants. We draw conclusions and look further. I do not want to divide, we have one team. We do not choose anyone. The team works and we play hockey, "said Ilya Vorobyov, head coach of the Russian national team after the match.

5:05 Recent statistics have appeared.

16:50 Take part in our poll based on the results of the tournament.

16:39. Another washer went to the empty Russian and another empty net. 2: 5 is not a good result in the report panel, but shows the progress of the meeting. And the Russian team won the Cup of Karjala.

16:36. However, the Czechs killed the fourth ball. They have fallen into the empty cell.

16:34. The Russians play with empty gates! 6×4. Our team has won the Karjala Cup so there is no risk.

16:32. Most of them will be in the Russian national team. Here is the chance!

16:26. Only five minutes are left until normal time runs out. The benefit of our hockey players.

16:21. Most Russian team. Vorobyev tries to take care of her.

16:14 The Czechs did not do the majority. We saved ourselves.

16:11. The third stage started. It's time to return the Russian team's time!

15:53. Sirena sounds in a break! The second stage of the Russian national team failed. Czechs scored two goals, both were Dominique Kubalik.

15:51. In the minority the Russian team is completing the second stage. Alexey Vasilyevsky left our team.

15:41. Goal! 2: 3! Cubalic makes two balls. Once upon a time, the Czech legend, Salavat Yulaev, was given a Czech coin with Czechoslovakia. Negative

3:31. Vorobyov Believe is impossible for the Czech government to abolish. The report is still stretching.

15:27. Considering the best moments of the first stage when our guys are trying to reach the majority. There were many interesting things.

15:26. Ohh! What a moment! He fought for the excitement of other gates, giving transfer to Lokshitov his team. And the Czechs soon break the rules. Most Russian team.

15:22. Goal! Czechs compare the report. Artem Zub hit Dominiku Kubalik and he scored a goal.

15:20 The second dvadtsatiminiutka starts!

15:17. Statistics for the first stage.

3:05 Sorokin helps in the last seconds, breaks down and rests. The minority was almost "murdered", remaining 16 seconds.

3am Now we have to protect ourselves, Denis Barantsev has been abolished.

2:57 pm 2: 1 The goalkeeper jumped to the gate very quickly and the referee did not notice it.

14:55. Alexey Vasilyevsky did, but judges talked about something. Grikorenko was very good.

14:53. And most of us, the third at that time.

14:47. Skip 1: 1. While our guys were leaving the area, the Czechs entered the battle, took the ball, and Rzhevik patched the program "Gorak".

2:45 Most of us are. But this time it is not. Half of the previous period.

14:36. The Czechs immediately stretched out their hands, and had a great opportunity to finish Sekach, but could not overcome Sorokin.

14:34. Goal! Kirill Kaprizov opened the score. Reminder for opponents – you should not avoid the matches with the Russian team. The Cherwenny Fighters Kuzmenko, and our special brigade took a few seconds to play an extra.

2:30 Start the lid, go!

2:15 Only 15 minutes before the start of the match. Honorary trainer of Russia Yury Novikov does not restrain the Russians at the Cup of Karjala and believe in the victory of our team.

Novikov: If we can not estimate the Czech Republic, we can not go to Russia

2:00 Evgeny Ketov gives a rare interview, but since 2012 has been the first goal of the national team, he answered journalists' questions.

"I want to finish my career in the SCA. But now sand is not boiling.

The captain of the Russian national team Evgeny Ketov in the Cup of Karjala made the first goal of the national team of 2012.

13:45 Here is the composition of the Czech team.

Barrows (Grubets);
Chantsel – Nakladal, Clevrier – Nestrasil – Tomashek;
Kolarge – Dowdera, Pavlik – Ganzl – Cuban;
Jordan – Zamorsky, Serren – Gorak – Chepik;
Craichi – Mussil, Kusal – R. Zoghorn – G. Zogorn, Zdragal.

13:40. When the national team is preparing for the Czech Republic, the Olympic team plays with Switzerland. After the first stage we lose 1: 2.

13:27. Our team is on the arena.

13:10. Composition of the Russian team. Ilya Sorokin before the gate. Changes in the composition are two to three times. At the second level, Ilya Mikheyev replaces Alexander Barabanov, Denis Zernov plays in the middle of the third round, and Anatoly Golyshev, who missed the match with Swedes, plays on the right. Maxim Shalunov has announced the 13th striker. Denis Harsizin replaced Denis Barantsev in defense.

13:00 Welcome hockey fans! We are pleased to announce the online version of the third round of the Russian national hockey team at the Euro-Tour. Ilya Vorobyov meets with the Czech Republic at Helsinki Cup. The start time is scheduled at 14:30 Moscow time, but we are pre-distributing it to introduce you to various interesting facts.

In the first game Russians won the home team with a score of 3-0. Our team was great, and goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin played in zero. The opponent sometimes stopped the initiative, but not many. Ilya Vorobyov played well, watching the match and winning a decent victory. In turn, Sweden was strong in the Czech Republic match in Prague – 3: 2.

Russian team wins world champions! Say thank ska

The SKA goalkeeper was only awarded SKA players. This training is not Eurotour.

In the second match, Russia defeated Sweden 4: 1. Igor Chesterkin occupied the Russian gate, and once Artem Zub left a minority mistake only once. After the match between Finland and the Czech Republic, the Russian team won the Europa League stage early, although the hosts were strong (3: 0), as it is a personal meeting with the same points as Finns or Swedes.

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