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5 myths about influenza and ARVI


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5 myths about influenza and ARVI

Myth 1: SARS and the same flu.

Influenza – type of respiratory infection, ie respiratory infections – ARVI. In fact, there are influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections. It is a variety of diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract. There may be rhinovirus or adenovirus in the ARVI. Influenza is a variety of influenza viruses, so the epidemic is different.

SARS is usually easier than flu, symptoms gradually disappear and disappear in the week. Influenza is suddenly attacked, the situation is getting worse, the temperature rises to high numbers, pains in the muscles, and eating disorders. All coughs, headaches, nose occur. The flu lasting for about two weeks and often causes complications.

Myth 2: Waiting for ARVI or flu, and the temperature drops.

Increasing the temperature is a normal reaction to the formation of the body's infectious agent. Protective immune cells are exposed to the virus, which produce heat-up substances.

At 38.5 ° C, antihypertensive drugs should be taken. In fact, everything depends on the well-being. XXXHXHH doctor recommends: "Someone is not detected at 39 ° C, and one is light at a temperature of 37.5 ° C. Not everyone has a universal figure that needs defibrillation. The danger of life is 41 ° C higher when the coagulation of the protein begins. Do not sleep especially when sleep falls. You can take the drug and increase the temperature slightly and simplify your life. «

Myth 3: Antibiotics help the ARVI and the influenza.

Antibiotics are not useful for viral diseases. Sometimes physicians who use the old protocol record a hedge recipe. Due to antibiotics, the destruction of certain bacterial species in the microflora releases the organism's resources, which will give a new impetus to the growth and reproduction of bacteria of living species (resistant to used antibiotics). The microflora balance may vary depending on the pathogenic bacteria resistant to antibiotics. There is a problem where immunity can cope without antibiotics. Therefore, the SARS / influenza antibiotics must be strictly controlled, not to prevent it.

Myth 4: No ARVI and no flu.

Humans are able to sit on a moon every month, but never resorted to cold treatments. This situation has a considerable share, as there is a drug that can help alleviate the situation. Because they are cold, they can improve the quality of life. For example, Antigrippin in nature The product contains analgesics, antipyretic effects, and facilitates breathing through the nose due to chlorphenamine and contains vitamin C1. The production at European plants provides the highest quality and the opportunity to produce a medicine for the baby. It is important that antiviral agents from natural products are not caffeine and phenylephrine. These components can cause heart attacks, high blood pressure, agitation, and fear. Antihypertin is a complicated drug which simplifies the situation as the first symptoms of influenza or ARVI.

Myth 5: Flu vaccines should be made only for one week after complete health or SARS recovery.

Of course, this will create an absolutely clean person's vaccination. Nevertheless, in international standards, vaccination with light cough or nasal nose, which does not have fever, is allowed.

1 Instructions for medical use of AntiGrippin® medicines


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