Saturday , January 28 2023

A 15 GB platform for Fallout 76 has been released


Developers released the first fixes for Fallout 76, as promised. During the first week after the official release, players have found a significant amount of errors and errors in the project, and updates help them to handle some of them.

Pallet for the version of Fallout 76 weight 15 GB, the download will start immediately after the launch of the Bethesda Launcher. Due to technical work the servers were temporarily unavailable, but their work was restored until 21-00 Moscow time.

The full list of amendments made on November 19:

Update Version:

  • Xbox:
  • PS4:
  • PC:

General changes

  • Productivity: detected a number of errors that caused problems with the rendering of frames and performance.
  • Sustainability: Client stability and Fallout 76 server parts are further enhanced.
  • Xbox: Fix an error that reduces the stability of display menus.

Errors have been fixed


  • Volumetric light: no dark circles are placed on the objects then lifted.
  • Camera: Moving the camera to the top of the panel was smooth on the furniture.
  • Graphics: The look of Tesla Science 9 will not be red if you look at the magazine or pick it up.


  • General: The mistake was corrected so that the opponents fired farther than the planned one.
  • * Release: ** The code fragments of the missile mine burned the dead and they were destroyed.

AAPP, production of workshops and facilities

  • Illustrations: The drawings are not segmented into smaller fragments after they are issued and re-enter into Fallout 76.
  • Models: The force paint paint used in the BE.T.A. version of Fallout 76 is now correctly displayed on painted objects and can be applied to other power supplies.
  • Repair: It fixes an error that can be returned to repair immediately after repair.


  • Tourism Bureau: You can now repair the car with markings in Fort Lauderdale. He can not go through it.


  • Pasalist Mode: Players with pacifist mode attack the other player's workshop and now completely oppose PvP.
  • Modernization: The player loses the status of active aggression to other players, if he chooses to update after his death on PvP.
  • The Revenge Looks: At the moment you select this option, the number of kits for killing the player is displayed correctly.
  • Happening: Now that the player has chosen to take revenge, the number of kits for killing will be displayed correctly.


  • Languages: A regular presentation of the Korean font in the menu.
  • Hot keys: The hot key for taking photos does not change. In PC, this is a space, and A on the controller.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: A photo mode error has occurred, so the frame save button is incorrectly associated with the keyboard.
  • Communication: toys are no longer lost in the social menu of each other after the invitation has been exchanged.
  • Contact: now in the social media of other players, new player icons are instantly displayed.

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