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Advertisement billboards on the website complain about Poroshenko – Rambler / news


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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has appeared on the streets of Kyiv on social billboards called "Down to Moscow!" Under the slogan ""

This phrase belongs to the Communist poet of Ukraine, Nikolay Khvajewski, in the 1920s and 30s. At the same time, this statement was not related to politics, but which samples were related to the Ukrainian culture – attention to the modernization of Russian or European.

Many Ukrainians do not know the exact pronunciation of the phrase, so they read it as "hands on Moscow." Such translation has caused many jokes among internet users.

The motto "to leave Moscow" is placed on billboards, "Mikhail Mikhailovich" and "Petro Poroshenko's new social boards", – writes Denis Gorokhovsky.

Others say that such advertisement is worth the price of a train at the direction of Lviv-Moscow, and some have offered to award the president's PR service.

Other Facebook users also have new Poroshen billboards.

"I love Moscow, but if Pyotr Alekseevich" supports Moscow! "I always say that I support the president," wrote Vadim Volker.

"When our troops came close to the Kremlin walls, the order of the commander was issued," writes Sergey Gadayi, placing the billboard on the picture.

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