Wednesday , March 29 2023

Apple delivers accurate copies of iOS


Apple has filed a suit of Corellium technology that makes virtual copies of the iOS operating system vulnerable to vulnerability.

On Wednesday, a court of copyright in the West Palm Beach Court of the West, Apple claimed that Corellium had downloaded the iOS operating system, including its interface and other aspects.

Representatives of Apple say that the company supports "honest research in the field of security", and offers "up to $ 1 million a month for error". In addition, the company offers "legal" researchers special versions of iPhone. However, Corellium is developing further.

«While Corellium shows anyone looking to see security and vulnerability in Apple software, Corellium's main goal is to make money. Corellium does not only help eliminate the vulnerability, but also encourages users to sell any disclosed information to third parties."Said Apple in court.

According to official data, Corellium startups make virtual copies of iOS security, helping researchers in the field of information security identify vulnerabilities. Representatives of Apple say that the company sells any information to third parties that can use any information that sells. Apple believes that Corellium has no reason to sell the product, which makes it possible for accurate copies for iOS.

In a lawsuit filed with a court, Apple asked the court to prohibit the defendant from selling virtual copies of iOS, and to force the company to liquidate the released models. In addition, all Corellium customers should be notified of Apple's copyright infringement. If Apple won the court, the company is going to claim a malicious claim, and its size will not be disclosed.

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