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Bloomberg announces postponement of US sanctions against Russia :: Politics :: RBC


American senators said that by the end of the year they could not participate in the Congress initiative and vote. These are about two laws – restrictions on the accounts of Russian banks and state debt

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The US Congress may postpone new sanctions against Russia, as there is no time to consider the bill and vote until the end of the year. This was reported by Bloomberg referring to the American senators.

According to the agency, currently the legislators cast ballots for state bodies, candidates for the judiciary and funds allocated for the draft law on agriculture.

How do US elections affect sanctions against Russia?

Bloomberg quotes Sen. John Kornin as saying: "We have a lot of time. "It is a real race for Christmas if it wants to stay here." Another Senator Robert Menendez, who represents the state of New Jersey, said the congress does not need time to vote for sanctions.

In addition, one more reason to postpone the consideration of the draft law – until the end of this year will continue the session of the "noble duck", which will be attended by the legislators of the current assembly. After the election, the renewed congressional structure will be held in January next year.

S & P has assessed the possibility of expanding sanctions against Russia

At the beginning of this year, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hallen and state-run Florida state senator Mark Rubio presented a draft law "Protecting Elections by Assigning Red Lines" (DETER), which would be opposed to foreign countries, an American process. This document contains a part of Russia.

According to the bill, if the head of the National Intelligence Unit determines the influence of Russia on the electoral process in the United States, the White House is the largest Russian banks (including Sberbank and VTB) and energy companies (including Gazprom and Rosneft). Also, Americans have to ban the purchase of Russian debt.

In August, the congress adopted a bill to tighten Russian sanctions, in particular, the energy and financial sectors of Russia. The document also envisages the use of Russian sovereign debt sanctions. Go

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