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Elena Temnikova's disease, prognosis, treatment, latest news


Singer Elena Temnikova said that she suffered from autoimmune disease. The corresponding artist was published in Instagram.

"I have autoimmune. And skin problems on the surface as side effects. And this is the simplest job. It can survive and win, "the singer wrote.

She did not say the exact diagnosis, but she was amazed by the admiration of adults. This disease affects women aged 15 to 45 years. Selena Gomez is dealing with such issues. He was forced to undergo chemotherapy, as well as kidney transplantation.

Elena hopes that Swiss doctors will be successful and will be successful. We wish her health.

According to Elena Temnikova, her health began in spring. Since then, he fights with him, he helps his relatives and friends, his friends do not go away. He is under the control of doctors from Moscow and Switzerland. And he asked fans not to worry about everyone who cares about him. And he joined them, and promised them that everything would be good.

He denied the drug abuse on the Internet, in the media. She said she was ready to give her hair or whatever else she needed to test any laboratory on the planet. And they confirm his word that he never used it in his life. Earlier, the singer said that Instagram was a rival to alcohol.

Elena Temnikova decided to go further in response to allegations of drug abuse. He explained the situation and said that the lawyers would solve this problem. They are already working and applying to the court, so all those who broadcast the information are punished.

On the eve of the concert, Elena Temnikova showed a real magic picture

Russian singer Elena Temnikova showed a magical picture on Instagram on the eve of the concert. The fans of the stars have enjoyed this wonderful picture. In the photo presented Elena Temnikova covered the body with a damp cloth, and as a result her body, including the bust curve, is clearly visible. Thus, the singer remembers the support of the upcoming concert: "Today is our night."

Network users have valued such pets, especially men. Anyway, fans began to question the picture, and their pictures were hidden in the picture.

Edgard Zapashnyi spoke openly about PR novel by Elena Temnikova

Edgard Zapashnyn is trying to keep the public away from personal life. But in the recent interview with trainer Elena Temnikova, she recalled the time she was playing a romance, which was a leading singer of the CEREBRO group. According to Zapashnyi, this is only the history of the PR that is one of the directors of the federal channel.

He told me:

"Edgard, we need the story of love for you and for one star." I immediately asked why. And I replied: "All right, you want to work on our channel." I understand that they can use me. I asked my daughter Lena to come home and ask her what to do. People around the circus know that we will meet him. As a result, Lena agreed, and for two months I loved Lena Temnikova, the lead singer of the SEEBRO group, twice in my life. "It was the only time that deceived the public," Edgard said in his "Human Destiny" program.

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